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FO: Woman Must Make Her Own Arrows

It is done.* It's a SUPER fun "recipe" that results in something different every single time. Mine is mostly stockinette, with a little bit of garter, and lots of random stripes; others used lace or colorwork and much more sophisticated patterning. As of now, there are over 100 of these shawls either finished or in progress and they are all utterly unique!!



I loved knitting it and would certainly have been finished sooner if it had been more portable. I had a "bucket" full of yarn possibilities -- not easily toted around -- many of which never saw the light of day.

There are a few mistakes. I lost count a few times, so there unequal stitches on either side of the spine here and there. I forgot to begin decreases when I was supposed to, so one tail is longer than the other. My tension could have been much better on the edges.

But I sure do love it. There are a few more photos on my Ravelry project page.

I can see wearing it a few ways. One would be scrunched up loose & casual, like this:


But it's wide enough that it could be folded in half, a bit more crisp & purposeful:


It is super cozy... I have reason to know!

As is the case so many times, the Packers inadvertently make their way into my knitting.

*Due to my already tight/wonky edge, I won't knit on the I-cord border, but I reserve the right to add tassels at any time and/or whenever the mood strikes!



I think it looks fabulous! I love the colors you chose and who cares about those mistakes - that's what makes it uniquely yours!


I LOVE it! You certainly made the project yours - in spite of the flaws you mention, I only see riot of fun colors knit into a very wearable piece. Look forward to modeled shots (on you ... not the dress form ;-))


That is gorgeously wonderful! (I see no mistakes, only design elements, great knitting, and terrific colors.) I second the request for photos of you wearing your awesome Arrows; it will go with almost everything!

Kim Dean

You go, Vicki!!


It is just gorgeous, Vicki!!! I LOVE it. (And I agree -- SUPER fun!) XO


This is just beautiful, Vicki! I love it! You and Kym have inspired me to begin gathering yarn. I think this will be the perfect January project!

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Beautiful! And two thumbs up to tassels, that would be the perfect finishing touch (although it is pretty perfect as is...).


Wow . . . it is beautiful. It melds together like a spectacular rainbow.
I would like to knit one, perhaps smaller or shorter as I have so many little balls of yarn in my stash. I probably could make three. Oh well, it goes to the wishful list.


This is an epic project, one you will love wearing all through the cold months. I had no idea it would turn out to be so beautiful, unique and inspired. You played with colors in really fun ways that capture they eye. Nice work all around!


This is so beautiful and your color choices are perfect. No one sees the mistakes so just enjoy this beauty. I'm tempted to cast one on, very tempted!


Love it!

Robin F

You rocked that pattern. I can't see any mistakes, just call them design decisions. I hope that wearing it is as rewarding as making it. ENJOY!

Robby H.

This is a gorgeous representation of your artist's eye and color sense. FYI - when I worked for a software company we called them 'features', not 'bugs'. Or as someone else noted 'design elements'.


This is so beautiful Vicki - I love it! You and Kym have certainly inspired me to make one -- trying to hold out for a January 1st start, but who knows?.......

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