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Random Friday

I still don't quite get how it works, but there's a hose at my outside faucet and that's where our water is coming from right now. It's flowing "backwards" into my house from... somewhere/I don't know where. "Free water," they said. Woohoo. It works. It's weird, but it works.

The water/sewer contractor does not work on Fridays, so... bleh, see ya next week, fellas.

I've pushed the new fridge delivery as far as I can: November 4th.

At least I'm able to drive down my street and park in my own garage. I don't really mind that I've had to park my car two blocks away all week, but it's weird.


Kate snapped this photo of some of my potatoes the other day. I made some more last night... and there's only enough for probably one more meal. So sad! They're so good. I am definitely planting more next year, somewhere/somehow!


Cabin decor (in the bathroom). Maddy's been super into paint-by-number lately, so I thought of her every time I saw it.


New aubergine boots... MAKE ME SO HAPPY! I was a rebel and wore sandals to work yesterday (thankfully, I had some socks in my tote bag and wore them instead for much of the day). We went to an art opening at UWGB's Lawton Gallery last night and boots were perfect.


Yes! That's Kate's gallery.  ;)

There were some interesting pieces:


Carol Emmons: RetroSpectacle. The installation surveys three decades of work by Carol, UWGB Professor Emerita in Art & Design. There's much to see and it is quite something.


There's usually something at an art opening that catches my eye in the crowd, too. I loved this wrap!

Have a great weekend, will ya? Whatcha got planned?



I'm glad you've got magical free water, but do wonder how and why a contractor doesn't work on Friday. Maybe I should have become one for that desirable schedule. I love your boots and Kate's title! My weekend plans are random - taking John for x-rays (nothing broken, just the end of a long process getting a diagnosis), making a prime rib roast I found in the freezer, some Swedish death cleaning, some laundry, and lots of knitting. Have a good one!


That is a great exhibit...and the coat! Wow! Hope you find out about the mysterious water...
This weekend, I plan to take it slowland easy...still trying to get myself back on EST...and continue to re-organize my sewing studio...
Enjoy your weekend.

Robby H.

I love seeing how creative people dress themselves. I tend to be less adventurous, but I can certainly enjoy a 'look' that is bolder than my own.


I would be a bit uncertain about that water, sure hope it really is free?
I remember paint-by-number so well, are those kits still out there?
Aubergine, such a lovely color. As is the gallery also, many wonderful variations of subjects.
This weekend is full-ish: lunch with old neighbors, book festival, and brunch with son+wife for their anniversary at eclectic restaurant in the "big city", and somewhere in there I need to do some swim exercises. Guess which will be delayed!?


I didn't realize you could still buy PbN kits. My mother spent her evenings painting when my dad was away at school. We had a forest scene in the living room that may have been part of the picture you took! Love the jacket on the gallery patron. May your water continue to flow, backwards or no!

Robin F

backwards water? Hope it isn't polluted. Love the shoes exhibit with the maps. The wrap is very well matched between pattern parts. Did you ask if she made it?


How wonderful to see Kate's gallery and sample a few of the pieces. Those shoes and spectacles - very cool! as are your boots! this week will be the end of sandals for us ... I'm looking forward to boots and sweaters!


I'm not quite sure how I got so far behind with my blog-reading, but here I am! Catching up! Here's a drive-by comment for you:
Backward-water? How work???
Those boots! I love!
Kate's office door! Makes me smile BIG.
And that exhibit? AWESOME.


Kate's gallery looks wonderful! And, free, backwards running water - this is a wonder! Also, I was so sad to see your QB got hurt yesterday :/

Kim Dean

As wonderful as everything else is, I'm all about those aubergine boots.

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