Autumn Leaves
Well, the weekend...

Three Numerous Things on Thursday

Too many to number... plus UNRAVELED! Checkother 3TT posts here, and Unraveled here.

Jün and I got up and hit the floor running yesterday morning and, other than a few minutes at lunchtime, I didn't sit down until after 8:00 last night. We had such a GREAT DAY!!

We were a little late for Tumbling because while walking to my car...


After Tumbling, we went to the P.O., paid the electric bill, and took the long way to lunch (we had to kill a few minutes before they open). We've gone to the same sub shop for lunch for three weeks in a row, we order the same things, and Jün makes sure we sit at the same table. Next Wednesday is the last session of Tumbling (already)! I told Ali that I want to continue this overnight tradition, but probably not every week... I enjoy every minute but I don't get a thing done (or very little).

Anyway, by the time we got back...


We started with a seat on the porch, but soon, it was front row all the way baby!




The workmen were all SO nice and SO patient. We watched from start to finish, and then watched as they pulled the old fire hydrant at the end of the street... for HOURS! At least a couple.  :)

Then he wanted to go out back and pitch some more walnuts. On Tuesday afternoon, I had watched the next door neighbor's lawn service guy rake all the walnuts from her yard over to mine (instead of into the ravine, as he might have done) (thanks buddy), so we got out the big guns: a wheelbarrow in addition to shovels for both Jün and me.


Not the same size anymore!

By the time we'd unloaded two loads, my back was killing me so we took a break -- juice & a book!


I was excited when I had notification earlier in the week that my pre-order of My Journey To The Stars by Astronaut Scott Kelly had shipped, arriving just in time for Tuesday night bedtime reading... reprise on Wednesday! By Wednesday, Junah put his hand to my mouth at just about every turn of the page. He had QUESTIONS & REMARKS! I just love how spongy little minds work. Related: A Year In Space is available to watch on Amazon Prime, and Part 2 debuts on PBS next month. Also, Scott Kelly's Instagram photos (@stationcdrkelly) from space were INCREDIBLE.

Speaking of READING, here's what's on my list right now:

  • Still Life with Bread Crumbs - pages. (Oops - due at the library yesterday, renewed online today... love technology!)
  • Yellow Crocus - audio. This one has been on my list for a while, and I've wanted to listen to another book narrated by Bahni Turpin, too!


I ran out to take a photo before losing light on Tuesday, and bound off shortly thereafter. This is Woman Must Make Her Own Arrows. Weaving in ends was the perfect activity last night, and will continue tonight at Knit Night. I will block after taking care of the ends, and then determine whether to knit the i-cord border all the way around... that will depend on how much I love it. I love it now, but don't know if I love it that much!

I haven't done a #tbt Throwback in a while, but a few copies of this were on my desk today:


That's Kate, as a flower girl, on the cover of a local magazine that I used to do typesetting for; the bride is an old friend who used to style my hair back in the day (and she probably still would, but lives too far away). I don't know what happened to them, but there were some other even cuter photos of them, if you can even believe that (Kate stole the show!).

What are you reading? What's on your needles??



You covered a LOT of ground with this post! I love that the workmen let Jun get up close and personal to watch what they were doing. I'm knitting socks for Hannah and I'm reading 4321, which is awesome.

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

You are the best grandma ever--a digger right in the front yard. Gonna be hard to top that one ;-)


My book group read Breadcrumbs--we had mixed reactions, but I loved it.

The shawl is phenomenal!

Kim Dean

I'm a big Kelly Brothers fan, so hooray for the book!!!


I absolutely love the photos of Jun enraptured by diggers and Scott Kelly, your Arrows, and adorable Kate! I also see sandals, so you must be having some nice warm weather!

Robby H.

I feel like I had a full day... after reading about you and Jun! I was a little peeved with the yard dude on your behalf. Then the thought came to me that some people do save their nuts and he might have been concerned you would be mad if he collected and pitched them. Maybe?


Wow! You (and Jun) are busy for sure, but what fun! And what memories Jun will have of great times spent with you (and diggers).

Your Arrows blows me away. I feel the "need" to make one. And what a fun/beautiful TBT picture.


I loved Scott Kelly's pictures from space Instagram account! The books would be great for any age. I love how helpful Jun is and appreciate your sharing how much he enjoys learning and watching.


I love your Arrows! And, I love how enthralled Jun is with all those diggers! And, that book! OOOO! I am listening to Life After Life and I am loving it!


Oh, my! My Brian would have been OVER THE MOON with a digger right there in front of him!!! (He did get the pleasure of having a firefighter uncle. Personal rides in the fire truck and sliding down the pole were HUGE hits.) Anyway. DIGGERS IN THE STREET are fun . . . but tedious for Grandmas just wanting to reclaim her road and driveway and water! ;-)

Have a great weekend, Vicki. XO


oh my that was a FUN catchup! Jun and diggers and books and knitting and a most awesome TBT ... thank you for putting a big smile on my otherwise grumpy Sunday afternoon face ;-)


Jun is adorable! Just so adorable! I seem to be reading several series by Kristen Ashley over and over lately, although I recently read Alice Hoffman's new book Rules of Magic, in less than 24 hours, because Owens yeah! I'm also knitting two scoreboards another one for my Steelers and a collegiate one for UNC Tarheels (although no one is going to want to wear it cause they are having a VERY BAD season!).

have a great weekend!

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