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Three Things Today


This is getting old real fast. Even Junah seemed to have his fill yesterday, though we did spend a fair amount of time peering through the front door, sitting on the front porch, and standing on the sidewalk to observe operations.


Usually, I'm leaving for work as the workers arrive, but yesterday (my day off) we needed to have our vehicles moved by 7am or we weren't getting out until end of day. Same for today & tomorrow. They're finishing with the water line & new fire hydrant, then beginning the sewer line work at the other end of the street. Next week, from Monday-Thursday, we won't have street access at all, as they will be replacing the sewer line. Ugh, the schlepping...


On Tuesday, Junah finally had his first sleepover at our house since he was around a year old. He said yesterday that he'd like to stay at my house EVERYDAY, so I'd say it was a resounding success!


Good morning! He woke up so happy... and so snuggly!


Trains before breakfast!


Trains after breakfast!

Jün was the lucky recipient of a very nice hand-me-down set of tracks and we had fun with different configurations. Fresh batteries for James, the engine, made for happy times!

Tumbling was terrific! Participating and engaging a bit more each week! Yesterday, he even hit the mat.


We stopped for an early lunch and I'm glad we did! That boy was hungry (and so adorable).


He has recently discovered the wonders inside my "depression glass cupboard," which, over the years, has evolved into a bit of a treasure box. In addition to my favorite green glass pieces, it holds some of the kids' elementary school ceramics, origami birds that my cousin made in remembrance of Sharon, Christmas ornaments that Sharon made, some ceramic pieces made by Grandma Blum (including an epic failure that she kept to keep her humble and to demonstrate to her students that it happens!), a pewter vase that my mom made in an art metals class in the '70s, so many mouse figurines, a few photos, some shells, old marbles, dried/preserved flowers, souvenir shot glasses & vintage spoons... just all sorts of trinkets.

He especially likes the marbles and all the little porcelain eggs. He's gentle & careful, and so far, so good.


I had a hair appointment yesterday. Kate, my stylist, gave me a little trim and some '70s tousled waves -- I believe my hair is the longest it's ever been. Ever!


I think I had dried tears & snot on my shirt (there was one little melt-down prior to going home yesterday) and I'm wearing no makeup (yay, shades), but I felt like a million bucks when I took this selfie in the Home Depot parking lot (waiting to meet Kate). I particularly love how my "highlights" are showing here. I'm nearing the beginning my 60th decade on this planet... um, hello, I think I'm ready. BRING IT!!

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You look fabulous! I never thought I would love my grey hair but I do! Sixties are great too. Enjoy the sleepovers when they are young. The other day I was charged with picking up my almost 16-year old granddaughter and taking her to school. That was our teenage version of a sleepover!😝 Next week she will get her license and won't need my anymore. It goes quickly!


I just wrote you a message about how I like seeing other people's grandchildren before I saw this post, and now it's even more true! I love that smiling photo of Junah waking up, and trains bring back loads of good memories with my boys. I'd love to look through your depression glass treasures like Jun and you do look GREAT!

Teresa Schneider

Our town has had streets torn up for over 2 years. I live downtown, and Evansville, in the process of building 3 hotels and a medical school, has been a total traffic nightmare! One of the hotels is being built right around the corner from my house...so I'm moving to the little town of Newburgh, just 10 miles away in distance, but hundreds of miles of peace, quiet, and most of all--charm.

I so enjoy your posts...you know how to live!!!

Jeannie Gray

Love your hair! I too have a few more natural highlights than I'd like but I'm learning to embrace them. I like to think I"m just going blond, and instead of "senior moments," I'm blond!


No makeup, wow and that certainly looks less like grey hair than mine. You look wonderful in all the ease of a woman.
Your grandson is cute next to all those special, glass items looking SO careful.
My son works with the "big city" on sewers and water pipes but he is the one who gets referred to when someone complains or questions the process -- he sympathizes with you and your neighbors! I am proud of him, as an ex-marine he is very polite.


Oh! Your front door!
The 'young' ladies are paying big bucks for those silver "highlights" now days. I'm finally in style!


I love your three things! I have a stash of Depression Glass, too, just a couple odd pieces that bring me so much happiness. And your hair is fabulous!


The positivity and enthusiasm in this post is wonderful! Jun having a sleepover and ALL those trains and your fabulous hair - it's all just great!


So sorry about thing one, but things two and three are fabulous - LOVE the 'do (shades are my favorite selfie accessory ;-) and the peek into your time with Junah (what an epic train set!)


Your hair is so fabulous!!! XO
Ah . . . Junah. He is wonderful -- and what a joy that you get to spend so much time with him. (The train set . . . reminds me of Brian's set when he was little. I spent YEARS stepping gently over ever-more elaborate "layouts" throughout my house as he was growing up. Sigh. . . )
(And I'm not even going to mention the digging. Because UGH.)


If anyone was ready for the big birthday it is YOU! That train set might be the best ever! Jun has changed so much recently and it's wonderful to see how much he adores being with you. So sorry you have such a mess getting to and fro from your home! That kind of street work is so disruptive to daily life. I hope they are quick in getting it completed!

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