Right Now: September... whoosh!
Dear October,

Weekending: Almost perfect

On Friday night, we bit the bullet and finally ordered a new fridge! I've only been yearning/threatening about this for years. Our current fridge is the last of the original appliances that Rusty & I bought in 1985. The fridge space in our kitchen is quite limited, though, and it hasn't been easy to find a style both that I like and that fits.

Early Saturday morning -- at 2:22am, to be specific -- I woke up and wondered how we were going to get the new fridge into the space! And, for that matter, how we'd get the old one out! I just glossed over all of the info I saw about that, I guess, because if I finally found a fridge that more or less* fit into the space, there was no question that it was going to happen. Period. I spent an hour tossing & turning, barely able to keep from getting up & grabbing a tape measure (the first thing I did when the sun came up), and we definitely have a pickle. It can come in the front door and it's a straight shot to the kitchen from there, but it'll be all hands on deck to lift it over the island (pretty sure the delivery guys will have no part of that)! Ditto the old.

*Um, yes. There's a cabinet above the fridge that's going to be reconfigured. I spent some time on Saturday cleaning out & organizing the pantry cupboard so that I could empty that cabinet for removal.

Hopefully, we'll take delivery on Thursday afternoon/evening. Stay tuned, though, because the heavy equipment is making its way ever closer and we already had a UPS driver unable to navigate to our house one day last week.


In other news -- SURPRISE!! I spent some time with a couple of super-cute kids!


The weather was great, so we spent a lot of time outside -- walking/scootering to the park, playing on the playground, eating hot dogs & burgers (there was a baseball tournament going on so lots of kids, and the concession stand was open). When we got back home, we gathered walnuts in the back yard and chucked them into the ravine, had some fun with chalk & water (it's been a favorite activity this summer), changed clothes & threw in a load of laundry, and had some fun indoors.


I owe Junah a new pair of shoes! Ali just bought these the day before... he used them for scooter brakes.

The ball got rolling over the weekend in my workroom, too. I spent a few really good hours getting things cleaned up & organized, and making plans. I frogged one project, and wound yarn for another (that's been on my mind for months). There's plenty more to do but I'm feeling great about the progress!

I hope you had an almost perfect -- or maybe even perfect -- weekend, too!



This does sound like a wonderful weekend! Fingers crossed that your old fridge gets out and your new one in without transportation and/or size issues. We have similar problems and had to replace the fridge last year. The delivery guys got it into the house and then watched as I removed a door from the hinges and then the molding so they could get it into the kitchen; "Not our job, ma'am." :/

I think Junah holds the record for fastest destruction of shoes! Do they make steel-toed sneakers?


Hooray for nearly perfect weekends! Those shoes didn't last long, eh? Boys!


I was just going to say something about steel-toed sneakers, but Bonny beat me to it!!! :-)

Your weekend sounds both productive and fun -- definitely a winning combination. And good luck with the fridge. Yikes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. XO

Robby H.

Delivery guys are pretty amazing. Although the looming heavy equipment thing might be a delay. Good luck with it all!


You certainly know how to entertain the kids! It's no wonder they love being with you! May all go smoothly as you take out the old and bring in the new. We had to cut a cabinet down in our house, but thank goodness, nothing more. Here's to a smooth trip and strong arms!


Sending good vibes for that new fridge delivery and a smooth installation tomorrow! Always love seeing the kiddos ... y'all have such fun together!

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