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1 - What's old is new again!


This funny old table used to be in the coffee shop a long time ago. I used it at home for a while, and had a plate glass top made for it. Eventually, it moved back to the coffee shop, but in the upstairs work area. Lately, it's been hanging out in Ali's garage... and she'd been trying to find a new home for it.

Well, guess what?!! I have a home and a need and... this is why KonMari-ing, Death Cleaning, purging, etc., CAN BE SO HARD!

2 - Ali also has the perfect 2-basin stainless steel sink in need of a home... I am so lucky.

3 - I should have taken a before photo, but I didn't...


This is currently the only thing hanging on our refrigerator and, well, that bare naked almond fridge it's practically blinding us every time we turn around. I am so ready to take delivery of a new fridge on Saturday!

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You make a great case against KonMari-ing (or at least for storing things at Ali's)! That's a great calendar and I bet it will look even better on the new refrigerator!


That new space is really shaping up!!! It looks great, Vicki -- welcoming (despite it's location in the basement), light-filled, and charming. Really perfect. Our old refrigerator was covered with an extensive (like . . . really extensive) magnet collection. After the new one came in -- and was so shining and wonderful -- I took a look at my shoebox full of magnets, and just decided NAH. Two years (or is it three?) later, I'm still admiring the lovely, blank doors of my new refrigerator. ;-)


Hey look at me checking out blogs for the first time in ages!
This looks like a dye studio shaping up!
I love KonMari-ing for basic house living but it just doesn't work for art/work/craft. I can't tell you how many things I have held onto for just the right project, then in a flurry of purging gotten rid of it only to need it the next week/month/project. It's a fine line because I dislike storing things but needs must!


I am so with you on all these things! I think this is why she has you do "important" things last! LOL And, my last things won't be fussed with or sorted through for a good number of years! Ha! (And, YAY for that new, much awaited for fridge!!)


I especially love the tidy and artfully arranged shelves. Any shelves in my house are always overflowing.


Your new work area looks perfect for what you have in store. It all sure came together quickly (seemingly). Here's to a smooth delivery (finally!) of your new refrigerator!


I love that you are reworking your basements as a yarn dying area. I live in California, the land without basements. The patina of the table and windows are perfect for this site. It will be fun to see the yarns you dye down there.


I think furniture is a tough one when it comes to getting rid of things - I'm so glad that table has found a perfect place in your basement! I'm a no-magnets-on-the-fridge type of person.


Looks great! I don't know what Kon-Mari (ing) is but I'm guessing I wouldn't like it). :-)

Robby H.

The last thing I Kon-Mari'd was a book on throwing things out. Not sure my stuff all gives me joy, but some of it is needed and some of it could foreseeably be used again. The only rule about cleaning things out in our house is that each of us must do our own stuff. I think that might be part of the secret to being happily married.


So fun to see your space coming together (KonMari has her place, and thankfully, Ali has space :-) Can't wait to see the new fridge!


That area is coming together very nicely! I'm very excited for you and the new fridge...woo hoo! (We are magnet laden...)

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