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We interrupt this broadcast with breaking news of the happiest sort:


The long-awaited remodel at KC&T is underway as of today. Re-entry is a bitch -- a bit more than usual -- but this certainly makes up for that!

Also, I have my Alabama Chanin sample swatch with me today and it makes me happy to think of it, look at it, touch it, and dream about it. I might carry it with me for the rest of my life.



Re-entry almost always sucks, and I would imagine even more so after such a wonderful AC experience. I get the swatch-carrying as I always carry "security knitting". Just knowing I have it with me makes me feel good and I hope your sample swatch can help ease you gently back into reality.


Just look at that swatch and smile! You can do anything with that by your side!


WOW. That was QUICK. . . I'll be keeping Ali in my heart -- and sending her all the good juju as she goes through the renovation. XOXO

Robby H.

And to help the rest of us feel your pain, you've offered us an earworm! Hmmm. May this construction project be the exception to all the axioms about construction budgets and time.


Fun, fun, fun. And busy, busy, busy. It's all good. Keep your swatch close and all will be fine.


Re-entry after an epic trip like yours has to be rough, so glad the coffee shop remodel lessens the blow!


Hope the re-entry blues are short-lived - perhaps two little people can get a smile back on your face?


I hope re-entry has been gentle! But, this looks exciting!


This is so excited for Ali, for you, and for the community!! I know you'll keep us up on what's happening as KC&T changes, grows, and reopens better than ever!

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