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It's been almost two weeks since the remodeling project got underway, and a week today since the shop was closed!

Since then, the Coffee Camper has been set up right outside, and it sure is adorable.

KCT Coffee Camper 1

Offerings & hours are very limited, and there's no place to sit (it's chilly, besides), but the tavern owner next door has opened his doors wide and welcomes the morning kaffeeklatsch!

 my little city!


The plumbers have been first on the scene, arriving as I stop each morning for my tea; the lights have been on and I snapped a few photos.



This morning:


The two new bathrooms are at back right, and the doors (leaning on the wall toward the front yesterday) installed. There's a hole in the wall to the left of the window in back for the relocated air conditioner. The new kitchen area is being framed in & dry-walled, and the space between the new bathrooms & kitchen will be a dedicated kids' nook. The cement block has all been plastered over, and looks fantastic!

There is so much more to come: tiling, decorative plastering, painting, casework, ceiling & lighting!! Keep your fingers crossed and good juju flowing for a fabulous on-budget finish in little more than a week!


Joining Kat & friends again this week...

Another Sleepy Kitten will be on the needles before long, but currently...


I am all about the Freak Flags!! I am currently on Flag #8. Potato chip knitting... super fun and I can't wait to deck out the reopened shop with them.

READING. If you can believe it: 

(Still)(Still) On Deck:



How exciting for all of you! Those flags are going to rock the place!!!

Robby H.

I love the alternative shop set-up as a way to continue to serve folks and maintain visibility. Plus, if I knew a small business was trying to make things go with remodeling going on, I'd make it a point to visit. Sending continued good vibes that way.


The flags will be perfect for the "new" kc&t, and I love how the remodel is a family effort! Hope it all continues smoothly and swiftly.

Jeannie Gray

Wishing you good juju! Those flags will rock your new shop!


The flags will be the perfect reopening decoration! Thanks for sharing the updates with us, I'm looking forward to more!


The shop is coming along so nicely! Wow! Ali must be really excited, especially since work is on time and on budget! You have a great little town.


So Exciting! and Fun!! I, too, love the little Coffee Camper - what an excellent idea. Wish I lived close to visit. Your little flags are adorable and will be perfect for the reopening.


Things are really progressing quickly! (Although maybe it doesn't seem like it to Ali. . . ?) The little camper is adorable -- and your town really is fabulous! I, too, wish I could visit and sip a coffee with y'all. The the flags will be the perfect finishing touch. XO


What a lovely thing the bar is doing in providing a place! That is certainly something to love about where you live! And, I love those flags! Too cute!


Thank you for those in-process photos of the remodel - I'm even more excited now to see it finished! ...and in finishing news, I saw that you gave Yellow Crocus five stars - can't wait to check it out myself.

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