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Um, can I knit little dresses for little knitted kittens for the rest of my life?! Haha.

This sleepy kitty still needs a face, and this dress is more like a top (oops! I will be fixing forthwith), but OMG how adorable is that?? 



Kitties can wear short skirts if they want to! Yes, she is adorable. Yes, you can knit little kitty dresses forever. And, no, I am not going to start knitting kitties. No. Just no.


I have the kit including the fabric for the sleeping bags. I had to hide it away to concentrate on the knitting that must be done.

Robby H.

Too cute. Is there a little person eagerly awaiting Miss Kitty? Or is she all yours to knit for and enjoy?


SO CUTE! I certainly think she needs a wardrobe of dresses :-)


SO adorable!!! And I think a kitty in just-a-top is perfect acceptable and super cute. :-) I want to knit one just so I can create a wardrobe of dresses!!!


So adorable!! I love it!


I wondered what you where knitting. The kitty, in her best dress, is SO darling! She could use a bunch of fancy dresses (and maybe some play clothes?) :')


All well-dressed kittens need dresses for every occasion, so of course you need to knit more of her wardrobe (and maybe some kitten companions for her, too)!


So. Darn. Cute. :-)


That is SO cute!


Oh my gosh, that is so cute!

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