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I'm not at work today, I'm in ALABAMA! If I were at work, though, this is what I'd have seen about half-way. Actually, I doctored this photo a bit -- removed a few signs and a couple of cars -- so this is what I'd liked to have seen about half-way, everyday. This was on Monday, the sky was so pretty and there was daylight due to the clocks "falling back" on Sunday morning.

The County garage and landfill are on the right -- ho-hum.

There's always something about those three trees on the left, though, whether I'm coming or going. They're oaks, I think, and suffered some storm damage a couple of years ago -- they were prettier once! I almost always see wildlife in the field beyond -- usually, turkeys and/or a small herd of deer. I look forward to this little stretch during every commute.

*Scheduling this in advance in case I'm too caught up in Alabama Chanin things to post!



There is something about those three trees! Did squirrels forget three acorns they buried? Are they the lucky survivors of what was once a whole hardwood forest, cleared for farming? I wonder ... and I wonder what you're doing in Alabama. Can't wait to hear about it when you're back!


That's a lovely view and I'm all for altering photos to give us what we really want!


That'a a calming and lovely view (especially since you doctored it up), BUT you better tell us what's happenin' where you ARE! :) I want to know!


Beautiful view Vicki! And, I bet your Alabama view is even nicer!


Oh I love that you doctored the photo (and admitted it!) ... and I hope your Alabama view was just as wonderful!


So many great landscape/nature potential photos are marred by power lines or signs. I don't see them until I look at the camera screen, then I sigh and try to move so as to exclude them.

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