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Right Now - December

FO: Abulón Cowl / 30

There's an FO!


  • Ravelry Project Page: Abulón Cowl
  • Pattern: Abulón by Isabell Kraemer from the Stillness Collection
  • Yarn: Make.Do Realize Sport
  • Needles:  5 US
  • Start to Finish:  October 28-November 19, 2017
  • Mods:  I knit as written except FLAT (because  LONG STRAIGHT NEEDLES), then mattress stitched the seams. I bound off so that some of the contrasting edge showed (also, if I remember correctly, I think I ran out of the multi-colored yarn and had to improvise the ending).


I'm fiddling with it a bit in that first photo because it's just a bit bigger/drapier than I like my cowls to be.


So my photographer (thanks Kate!) & I tried a different arrangement. I'm not sure I like this, either, it looks like a bib or something... maybe it needs a pin. I need to play around!


One thing you can't argue about is the beauty of that stitch pattern; combined with an eye-catching backing layer, it is next-level!

By the way, I first noticed that stitch pattern, sans background, in Melanie Berg's Open Waters Shawl and Cowl, published in Making No. 2 / Fauna. I am going to knit that shawl someday! Gorgeous!!

Anyway, I toyed with the idea of casting on another of these cowls with fewer repeats, but there's too much other stuff happening right now. One more look...


And that wraps up another NaBloPoMo! It's been a fun month blogging and reading. Thanks for being part of it all!




Ooh, I have been looking forward to this FO! It's a really great combination of yarn and stitch pattern, and I hope you find a pin that makes it comfortable to wear. A cowl this beautiful needs to be worn and shown off!


Vicki, it is just beautiful! I love the colors and the way the background shows through like that. LOVE. I hope you figure out a comfortable way to wear it - a pin sounds like a good option to me - because like Bonny mentioned already . . . a cowl this beautiful needs to be worn and shown off.

I've enjoyed reading your posts each day, Vicki -- and I especially enjoyed living in some of your posts this month!!! Thank you. XO


Oh, Vicki, it looks beautiful! And, I have so enjoyed reading you daily! Congrats on another successful NaBloPoMo!


I like that contrasting edge!


I love the lining color peeking through, what a fabulous pattern! I agree with you that it's just a bit too slouchy - not wide enough to double wrap but too narrow to just sit nicely around the neck. I bet a pin will do the trick!


What a way to end the month, Vicki! I like the pictures with the orange side showing, as if the cowl were twisted. Your dyed yarn shows off beautifully with this pattern and the contrast of color. Great job of blogging all month, reading all month and commenting all month! We did it!!


Wow-Wow-Wow!!! Oh I love this so much - perfect yarn for this pattern and I love the edging and the lining peeking through. I agree a pin should do the job. This definitely needs to be worn and often!! Congratulations on such a beautiful finish.

Julia in kw

I so enjoy reading all the posts in November - and every other month...beautiful Cowl...makes your mind really fly with the colour options! Thank you!


Congratulations Vicki! (what is this, ten NaBloPoMo's for you?) I've enjoyed the daily glimpses into your world ... and that cowl is certainly a stunning conclusion! I vote for simply wearing it as is - no fiddling, no pin - it really does look great on you!

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