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Give us our daily bread / 19

With grape jelly, or maybe with an egg and a strip of bacon.

I'm doing a little cleaning & organizing today, and in doing so I ran across this:


An artistic collaboration between Rusty ("Grape Jelly," top) & Ali ("Afternoon Breakfast," below) -- her piece is dated 1998, so she'd have been around 10-11. I'm not sure how it came about, or whether both pieces were done at the same time. Ali, in particular, used to charmingly reproduce some of her dad's work; this is a little different, though.

Anyway, I've removed a picture that wasn't sparking joy anymore, rearranged a few things & repositioned a nail, and now I'm much happier with my current kitchen decor.



A fried egg on toast is one of my favorite "afternoon breakfasts" and I love that both of these companion artworks are now proudly displayed in your kitchen!


I love the artwork and the idea of moving things that don't spark joy!


I love both of those pieces!


LOVE both pieces! Just delightful for your kitchen. :-D


The two pieces together in your kitchen could do nothing if not spark joy!!


What a treat to have those two pieces hanging side by side ... a spark of joy for sure (and now I want a piece of toast!)


Those are the greatest! What a wonderful view that is for the kitchen. (Or anyplace really!)

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