Hamilton / 5
New Fridge / 7

Happy Birthday / 6

Dear November,

I'm still on a Hamilton high!


The show was wonderful! We loved the cast, knew every word, and really enjoyed the nuances of the live performance!!


Dinner at The Dearborn was fabulous! We had to begin our meal with The Hamilton cocktail, of course!

Then we turned on the soundtrack in the car and sang all the way home!


Also, I finished Maddy's Hamilton ornament!

It's been a stellar month so far -- newly resurfaced street on Friday, long-awaited refrigerator delivery on Saturday, Hamilton on Sunday, today's my birthday, (Tuesday is a day of rest - haha! not really... I'll be packing!), and departure on Wednesday for the AC Workshop!!

The workshop is technically three days, but we'll be gone/traveling for a week! OMG, I can't wait. I've never been in that part of the country before.

Anyway, as Kym has said, it's a BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!! Well, hell, my 59th is only gonna come around once...

And I like the way that my 60th year on the planet is starting...

Begin as you mean to go on!

Here's to a great year!

Love, Vicki



Wonderful, stellar, amazing ... I hope you don't run out of superlatives before the end of your birthday extravaganza! Happy Birthday, Vicki, and safe travels on your next adventure!


How absolutely fantastic! AND this might be the most epic birthday beginning ever! I can't wait to see what unfolds for you and Kym as you begin your trip! Happiest of Birthdays!!


The excitement in this post is palpable! I'm so glad Hamilton lived up to all of your expectations!

Susanne Scheurwater

Have a wonderful, celebratory, fabulous birthday week!!! Can't wait to hear all about the AC workshop!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKI! What a week! Such happy pictures...life is good!

Michelle B.

Happy birthday! What a great way to end/start a year!




WOO HOO! So much to celebrate ... as well you should! you are most definitely bringing in your 60th year in style!


🎶 “Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the morning last.”
Heck, you've got a whole week, you don't have to slow down at all! Have fun, Happy Day today and for the rest of your adventure.
“All is grooovy”. 🎶


Happy birthday and I can't wait to hear all about the AC workshop - what fun!


I feel all a twitter for your amazing extravaganza. Life is SO good and you're living it in an epic and exciting way. You're taking 'Begin as you mean to go' to a whole new level!! AC or bust!


What a great week and what a great birthday!

Barbara S

Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your AC workshop. Looking forward to photos and blogging by you and Kym (I read her, too) when you return. Love your new fridge.

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