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Junah was, like, "WHAT?? A new FRIDGE?" They loved checking it out last night! Hopefully, the enchantment with the freezer will wear off, or potential energy savings will surely be offset.


We are loving those French doors and everything in the fridge at eye level! The lighting is pretty great, and I'm also a fan of the glass shelving. There is certainly some rearranging to be done, but we're getting there.


It's a Samsung. A little narrower than our old one, and a few inches deeper -- these offset and there is no perceived change. I was worried that our already narrow gateway to the laundry room would be affected. I think the very slight curve of the fridge helps, too.


Side views: from the sink area (above) and laundry room (below).

We removed a cabinet above the fridge as a precaution -- we knew it was going to be super close, and it was the only variable over which we had any control. Trying to find a fridge to fit our area/specs has not been easy. So, anyway, it will be replaced -- new & improved, for sure -- and Rusty might even get started on that this weekend.

The old fridge was plastered all over with magnets, photos & clippings. I tossed a bunch of it, filed a few things, and rearranged as I redecorated. So far, I've kept the front of the new fridge clutter-free and am aiming to keep it that way!

What made the cut?


This is the most visible side, other than the front. These things all spark joy!! I have some travel reminders, and some adorable drawings of Mack's that my sis had made into magnets; the hummingbird was Sharon's, and the vintage fruit & veggie magnets were my grandma's; I love my photo calendar and am looking forward to making a new one for 2018! This one is from Parabo Press, and I love that the pages are perforated, so I can tear off and keep the photos! I'm not an affiliate, but I do have a link to share that will save you $10 on your first order and earn me $10 -- just use the code AHMKGG! You can order online, or... there's an app for that!

There's been an addition since I took the photo:

Hamilton-magnet(So freakin' good.)


On the other side, more joy! More travel, more politics, more flowers, and more photos -- and I want even more photos, but most of what had been displayed was decidedly dated (not in a good way) and in need of editing.

This is a work in progress!  ;)



I love to be nosy and look at people's refrigerators (and bookshelves) when I visit, and it's so nice to see all the wonderful people, memories, and fun you've got on your new one. (Along with the fact that it looks like your freezer is smiling!)


Looks like a great fridge! We wanted to get the french doors like that but it wouldn't have fit in our space easily. I do love having the bottom pull out freezer, though!


I love the freezer on the bottom style. We also had to redo a cabinet above to get our (one and) only choice of new fridge. May this fridge live long and well in your home!


I covet your new fridge; my next one will be a French door with freezer on the bottom (good-bye, ice & water in the door, sob). Someday you need to do a post about the figures above your laundry room door -- kurious kats are kurious :-)


Yay!! A NEW fridge! (Just in time for you to leave!!)


Looks great! I envy your space for joy, my refrigerator is big but fits into a specific space so I only have the front doors for my favorite things. I love my freezer on the bottom...I bet you'll love it too, or maybe it's not new to you.


oh it DOES look like the freezer is smiling! I have a similar style (oh my the french doors are amazing and I love the bottom freezer) - but mine has straight lines for handles and they don't say "smile" one bit. it fits the space beautifully and I love what you've done with those sides!

Robby H.

It looks lovely and ready for business. Our home fridge does not have french doors, but the one at church where I volunteer does. Word of experience, if anyone closes one of the 2 doors too enthusiastically, the sudden burst of air can pop the other open and you might not notice since you didn't have it open. You get used to it, just something to be aware of, perhaps with little helpers.

Robin F

Wow, now I have fridge envy-love the French doors. I have had a bottom freezer for years and love it! having the front mostly free of magnets is a good idea and you have a lovely gallery on the side where it can be enjoyed. Use your new toy in good health.

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