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Weekending / 13

Reality creep / 12

I got up this morning and did payroll for Ali -- to Wisconsin, from Alabama...

I packed up my stuff and wondered why in the world I didn't have my project kit & a few other Alabama Chanin incidentals shipped...

My suitcase has been expanded and is at capacity!


We (Kim) drove to Nashville (I am Navigation!) and Cheekwood Estate & Gardens. We had a very nice walk through the Seasons, Herb, and Japanese Gardens, as well as a little hike through some of the Sculpture Trail.

There was a lovely exhibition on the sculpture work of William Edmondson, and of Bryant Fleming who designed the estate.

Posting this at nearly the 12th hour and internet is not so great... more later!



After such a great AC time, it may be a good idea to ease back into reality slowly and gently. I'm sure those on Ali's payroll appreciate our efforts!


Thank goodness for the interwebs (even when they are not so great) which allow for things like completing payroll and doing blog posts! Crucial things indeed! Have fun!


The gardens would be a different experience this time of year. Looks like you took full advantage of your time in AL and I hope every minute was fabulous!


The gardens look wonderful - know you're enjoying every bit of it ... especially with the company of Kym! Continued good times, I'm sure!

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