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They were firing up equipment as I left for work this morning; Rusty sent this photo a little while later. (That's my house with the bunting still hanging.)

Anticipating... So much good stuff!

  1. New refrigerator delivery on Saturday (finally!) (y'all will be so happy when this is not.a.thing anymore)
  2. Hamilton on Sunday (matinee) with Maddy and her BFF Katy, followed by dinner at The Dearborn
  3. My 59th birthday on Monday (!!)
  4. A long-awaited vacation that begins on Wednesday:
    1. To Florence, AL, for a 3-Day Alabama Chanin Workshop
    2. Along with my first visit to Nashville, TN
    3. All with KYM!!!

Looking forward to... OMG. Alabama! The Factory! Muscle Shoals! Finally!!

I've long dreamed of attending an Alabama Chanin week-long workshop(s), but it just wasn't ever going to fit in financially or time-wise, so when the 3-day version was introduced last year... I pounced. I signed up practically the minute it was announced in September! Bonus: it was happening right around my birthday. Happy Birthday To Me!!

It wasn't long before Kym decided to join me... and the Airbnb booked by the first week of October! EXCITED MUCH?? I'd have booked travel then, too, but it was too early. I did put a reminder on my calendar about it, though.

Sewing... something EPIC as soon as I get to Alabama! I'm thinking Coat, but reserving final decision until we're actually there. We get to try on garments and see examples of finishing techniques. It's all certain to be incredibly inspiring... hopefully, not to overwhelming. I'm counting on experienced hands to guide us...

Listening... Hamilton soundtrack & and my "Alabama" playlists!

Wondering... What's up with you right now!?



So many great things are happening! Any one of them would be exciting, but all together, your next week is going to be incredible! I'm so looking forward to hearing about them all. Happy Amazing Birthday Week!


Ha! I had just read Kym's post and then popped over here. SO Excited for you both. You two will have a ball. Such fun to do it together too. Can't wait to see what you two end up making. Enjoy!!


P.S. Happy Birthday!!!


Sounds like a great birthday week coming up! Happy birthday.🎂


You are not having a mere birthday week -- you are having a BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!
Enjoy every moment.


You and Kym are going to have THE BEST time! I'm so happy for you! Plus, Hamilton! It's shaping up to be quite an epic week!


When Kym told me about this venture some months ago, I was so excited for you both! Have fun, SEW GOOD THINGS, and enjoy yourselves! And, Hamilton... in the same month? I'd say there is no way 59 is not going to be the best year yet! Happy Early Birthday! XO


You have SO MANY fantastic things happening all within days! I don't know how you can stand the excitement! I'm excited for you!!! Muscle Shoals AND AC AND Hamilton!! Holy shit! I have long wanted to make a coat, so I'm voting for you to make one. Seriously, you're heading into a very heavenly week. Lucky you!!

Robin F

Oh my this is so exciting! A weekend workshop will definitely stimulate your creative juices to flow. i'm sure you'll enjoy Hamilton and that this birthday week will be one to remember. I loved Nashville. have a happy happy birthday and a safe trip. Looking forward to the pix you will share. Oh yeah, almost forgot use your new fridge in good health!

Robby H.

Dang. I thought the new pavement looked pretty sweet. Obviously, that pales in comparison to the next few weeks. Enjoy!


You and Kym will have SO MUCH FUN! (I'm jealous.)


Wow, it finally is happening, get your fingers ready!
Have a great time, the weather has turned warm again and the autumn leaf colors are finally peaking throughout the countryside.
Nashville has really grown these last few years, downtown is so full of tall and shiny skyscrapers. If you walk the very music filled sidewalks, look up.
Wave as you go by in lower Tennessee, that's where I live.
Have fun!


SO MUCH GOOD stuff!! I can't believe you're going to be that close to me... and I won't see you!

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