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I wasn't intending to post the play-by-play as I finished this sleepy little kitty...


...but here we are! I lengthened the dress and added eyes & mouth; nose & whiskers are still needed... looking for the perfect pink.

Meanwhile, Junah (along with Ali, Gin & I) attended his first open house at the local model railroad club. They have a pretty sweet set up in an old radio station -- trains on two levels, and even movable bridges that allow them to run through all of the rooms.




She's even more adorable now that she has a face and demure longer dress! Please feel free to continue with more sleepy kitty play-by-play!


I have no need to knit that...please stop! :-) She is so cute!!! (And the trains too!)

Robby H.

Kitty is coming along nicely.

Not the right time of year for it, but Jun would probably love the people who do set up train tracks in their gardens! The trains are usually the larger ones like G-gauge. Sometimes botanical gardens also do this around Christmas. I had a client who had turned his entire backyard into a magical train world. Mostly for him, but he let his grandkids play with it under his supervision.


That's one sweet kitty, Vicki (and probably the only way I really like cats ;-) There is a huge train setup at the Botanical Garden Holiday Lights ... Katie and Rob took the boys yesterday - I hope they got to see the trains!


I didn't think the kitty could get cuter but she did!


Too cute!! I love the longer dress!


The kitty is just so very sweet! Seriously, I'd really love knitting a wardrobe. (That was my childhood in a nutshell --- creating "fashion" wardrobes for my dolls.) And, well. Jünah and the trains. I just can't get enough. XO


You did such a great job with all that little teeny knitting. The dress and face just make her. Junah CRACKS me up! He's such a boy!

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