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We haven't put up the tree yet, but we did bring up the array of lights for the front door. I prefer the older style of lights over the LED, but can't argue with efficiency and they don't heat up at all, so they're on 24/7 until we take them down sometime closer to spring. Anyway, I bought a new -- simple, minimal -- wreath. It needs a longer hanger, and might yet be moved to the back door, but I like it!


Had I been thinking, this would have been a video complete with the sound of honking geese. That's what made me look up, in the first place (I was outside taking photos of some knitting!) (not a kitten!) and then I noticed the glow of light in the leaves -- it's so weird how there are random trees with leaves still hanging on. There's a maple in front of the neighbor's, and a few oaks in the ravine, too. 



The simplicity and beauty of your wreath make it an outstanding choice no matter which door it ends up adorning. The tree is a wonder! And, I can hear the geese.


LOVE that wreath! Simple is often the best, y'know? And - yeah. We have trees with leaves just like that! So unusual. . . XO


We have some odds and ends trees over here in Pittsburgh too. It is a weird year indeed! But, I love that wreath!


Your wreath is beautiful Vicki - and those lights (yeah, I hear you about the old-fashioned ones, but I do love the ease and temperature of the LEDs) are such a pretty background. Love the colors in that last photo. There are still trees holding on to leaves here, too. It's weird!


Love your lights, and like Margene, I think I can also hear the geese. This is the strangest year I can remember for leaves - some bare, some still in full leaf, and most without fall color. I'm not sure what it means, but it sure is different from the norm.


Now you've all got me wondering if there are still leaves up around here. Seems I should have noticed with all the time I spend in the woods! :-) I think your wreath is really nice!

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