Unraveled Wednesday / The ends

3TT / It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday...

1st Thing - We had our first significant snowfall yesterday, and I discovered that I didn't have a brush/scraper in my car. (It's usually in there 24/7/365.) Now I have a new one!


2nd Thing - We decorated the tree on Tuesday night!


I love that Jün put all three of these ornaments together!

3rd Thing - Santa & Mrs. Claus!!





There was a holiday sing-along with stories, crafting, cookies, AND a visit with Mr. & Mrs. Claus at our library last night... Ho ho ho!! 🌲

Obviously, it's a little less magical for Gin than it is for Jün this year!


Is Jün checking out Santa's ginormous watch or cool jingle bell bracelet?

That photo cracked me up! As did this one, in a display of work from the summer reading program:


A random ack of kindness always makes the world a better place.

_ _ _ _ _

YaHOO, the weekend begins today at 4:00! There are still a few special ornaments to hang on the tree, plus stockings to hang and a few other things... and putting away all of the empty boxes. I need to take stock and get a good idea about where I stand in the gift situation -- I think I'm pretty good!

How's it going for you??



I love photos of wondrous kids lit by tree light and Jün's three ornaments together! Justin decorated the exact same way, trying different color combinations and seeing if he could fit four on the same hook (possible, but not five). I shoveled the neighbors' walks on both sides of me as my random ack of kindness this morning; this will have me laughing the rest of the day!


That picture of Jun smiling...wow. And I'm going to use "ack" all weekend now! And try to put it into real live use! I'll let you know! :-)


What delightful visions of Christmastime in your world these days!


Beautiful photos of your tree trimming night. The kids with Santa and Mrs. Claus are adorable. Enjoy your extra long weekend!


Happy early and super long weekend! XO


Random Acks = fabulous!!

The kids with Santa and Mrs - hysterical. I think I know exactly how Gin was feeling. Cute jammies on them too.

The tree looks great!


Vicki - the photos are wonderful! Gin and Jun in Thing One and Thing Two are keepers ... as is a whole series of kids who aren't screaming at Santa or his wife (ahem, that would be my grandsons. Poor Charlie is now 0 for 3 and Sam is now 0 for 2...) LOVE the Christmas PJs, too!!


Sweet, sweet photos. :)


Gin, so funny! Jün so cute. They look darling in the red and white PJs.

Robby H.

What great photos of the kids. Gin does seem to maybe have a little skepticism about the whole Santa/Mrs. Clause thing, doesn't she? Thanks for the holiday feels here.


I really need to get my "acks" together!!! :-)
What magical moments for your kiddos this week! Such excitement (Jün) and skepticism (Gin)! And general adorableness all around. XOXO

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