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Wrap it up - the Alabama lowdown

Dear December,

Baby, it's SO COLD outside!!


It's December, and it should be cold... but all of a sudden?! From 58°F one day to 22°F the next -- which also happens to be Christmas Parade Day -- is brutal, and leaves zero time to acclimate!


We did our best & bundled up good! Jün wore pants, snowpants, jacket, hood, two hats, his gloves + a pair of mine, boots, and was all wrapped up in my Parcheesi blanket besides (wool FTW!). We were lucky that we could sneak into the coffee shop for a real warm-up. The shop wasn't open, of course, but Amanda & Alex were stationed out front with free hot chocolate (aka, hand-warmers) for all. I was really lukewarm about even going to the parade, but Jün had so much fun and is so excited about everything! I'm glad I did.


Speaking of the shop, the photo above was taken yesterday on my way to work. Casework will be installed over the next couple of days, and Ali & Rusty both just sent me a snaps as replacement of the entire front window/door situation has begun! Energy-efficient, less-likely-to-fog-up thermopanes, baby! Rusty added, "...and about 10 other things going on at once!" Final inspections are scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, with official reopening at 6:30 am Friday; unofficially, we're planning Knit Night as a "soft opening" tomorrow, hopefully helping everyone get used to all that's new (which is pretty much everything)!

I'm still "processing" St. Louis! We did a lot -- an art opening, a few museums, the botanical garden, a historic site, terrific food & drink, we even went to the movies -- but not at the crazy pace of our last visit. Our Airbnb was wonderful -- one of the best so far!


I did a fair bit of knitting while we were away, mostly in the car, and all but finished my Freak Flags. I wanted to do the last one in a color that I didn't have with me, so finished up that project on Monday night, and soaked & pinned it out last night.


In other knitting news, I gave away my Arrows shawl! My friend recently admired it, exclaiming that it's exactly the kind of scarf she needs because it goes with everything. I told her that I'd knit one for her, though probably wouldn't get started until after Christmas. Then I decided that I should just give her the one I've already made. I think it was Mason-Dixon Kay who shared a story once about a woman who would give away her knitting to admirers... and while I'm not going to go that far, I'm so glad I gave this to my friend. I brought it last week when we met for a drink, and her excitement was all the thanks I needed. She's been wearing it a lot, so I get to see it often!

Now I'm working on some scrappy slippers that I'd started months ago! I might try to knit a pair for each of the girls before Christmas... it's all about the scrappy projects lately!

It looks as though I'm going to fall short of my 2017 reading goal by a few books, but guess what!? I finally finished Yellow Crocus! I really enjoyed the story and, of course, Bahni Turpin's reading. The story continues in the recently released Mustard Seed, which is in my queue. I am closing in on Population 485 / Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time, and find that I am almost purposefully going slow with this one... And You Don't Have to Say You Love Me has finally been downloaded and is ready to go!


This Spotify 2017 Wrapped popped up in my feed yesterday and I can't help myself! You can check your stats, too! It's kind of fun. I had just been telling Kate that I often ease into my day listening to Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony, and I was speaking truth!

One of the things I like about this wrap up is that it generated lists of my "Top Songs of 2017" and "The Ones That Got Away" -- songs that I'd probably like, based on what I already listen to.

OK, well, there's all the chitchat and busy stuff distracting me from brass tacks. Christmas is coming!! I've been pretty OK with the shopping/presents. Where things are just not happening is at home... the tree is still in the basement, ornaments & decorations are still upstairs. Stuff from the shop is everywhere -- mingled with stuff from Alabama and the stuff that was already all over the place before Alabama.

Maybe this weekend? I have to get this place in shape for the holidays and for visitors and for Maddy!

Deep breaths. It'll all come together... let it all come together!

Love, Vicki



I'm sorry it was so cold for the parade, but those photos of Jün are just great! It might not seem like it to you guys but the shop redo seems to be moving along fast. And giving away your Arrows! You are a kind and generous knitter, and I hope kindness and generosity will be returned to you. Good karma, baby!


This is like Jün's first Christmas! I have no doubt in your ability (with family help) to pull together Christmas decor! You have, as usual, a lot going on in your life, although this might be a record. How wonderful you gave your Arrow a new home. It must have been pointing in the right direction. Knitting for others is fun anyway, but giving away a loved piece is a very kind thing to do. Vicki's motto: So many places to go, things to do, colors to knit, and so little time!


Wow! You do have a ton going on - but it is all so awesome! The new shop! Can't believe it is opening this week. A cold parade wrapped in a Parcheesi blanket! A fun get away! giving away your Arrows (this amazes me - what a wonderful thing to do - that is one lucky friend), etc., etc. Christmas decorating will happen (hopefully at my house too - LOL). Enjoy the season and your family!


This is one full post! And, I am so sorry you gave away your arrows! But, I am sure your friend was beyond thrilled. Perhaps a new arrows in the new year! Knit faster! And, stay warm!! XO


I've unexpectedly given away a hand knit or two myself and it's always been a good decision. Your friend is lucky to receive that shawl from you and now you don't have to knit her another one! So much excitement in this post - good luck with getting things together at home!


What a lucky friend! I impulsively give some things away also and it's generally been a great decision. I love the pictures of Jun and WOO HOO for the shop!


Oh, Jün! It's all so magical!!! XOXO
I am so happy that the shop is coming together so nicely! It does seem quick -- but I'm sure it has stretched on (and on) for poor Ali! She must be thrilled to see it all taking shape.
Keep breathing. Christmas will happen - and you will be as ready as you need to be!

Kim Dean

I'm having some trouble with my first "Arrow." The shaping and joining the first couple of triangles has me stumbling.


I love the photo of Jün wrapped up in Parcheesi (and all the other layers)! and how wonderful that the shop is almost done - it looks great! ...and yeah, Christmas will happen no matter what, so I say just breathe deep and enjoy it.


I love reading about your knitting and other projects! Thanks for sharing the Spotify finds as well. It's always fun to have something new to listen to.

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