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IG Best Nine 2017

It's that time of year! Thanks for all the Instagram 


I love this! My Alabama Chanin Magdalena A-line Tunic, a sweet little dress knit for Gin, Arrows shawl, a still unfinished AC Factory Tunic, Spicey(!) and some of the fam, Maddy in her new Oblique cardigan (finished 09/2017), me modeling the all-but-finished Oblique cardigan (started 12/2007), Gin wearing one of my oldest surviving knitting projects (ca. 1983), and a very happy Colorwash Scarf.

Maddy is bringing Oblique home with her today and I'll give her a lesson in washing/blocking. She loves & wears it so much that she wants to take it with her to NZ, but needs to know how to properly care for it! I am very happy and also quite flattered, knowing how much real estate a nice roomy wool cardigan occupies inside a suitcase/backpack (but also squishy, so there's that) (and I guess it's likely that she'll wear & not pack it!).  ;)




Spicey should count himself lucky to be surrounded by so much creativity, great knitting, stitching, and family! That's quite a compliment from Maddy that Oblique is going with her to NZ!


That's a great collage of your best IG posts!


You have the best IG items and they deserve a lot of love! Maddy knows the way into her mom's heart!


What I love MOST . . . is that your family is right in the center of it all! So appropriate. XOXO


What a HAPPY best nine! Love to see knitting and sewing and some wonderful smiles! (and wow, I'd forgotten about Spicey :-)


Wonderful best nine! And, Spicey!! LOL


A compliment of the highest degree from Maddy! Great pictures there Vicki...great life!

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