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Dear December,

Right Now - December

Anticipating... a fun, long(er)(than last time) weekend in St. Louis with Kate! As you read this, we are on our way... returning some artwork, taking in an opening or two, and finding some good food, drinks & music. St. Louis will be all decked out for the holidays, and that ought to be fun, too!

Cooking/Eating... Is it too late to write about Thanksgiving? We had a really nice day. Maddy & Kate arrived around noon, and Ali with the kids shortly after. We all busied ourselves with various things & playing & cooking; then Rusty, Kate & Maddy decided to take the kids for a walk/to the park so that Ali could take a little nap! (There's been so much going on in her life!) Ali & kids joined Rod's family for dinner in the early evening, so there were only four around our table.

The menu was just right:

  • Spatchcocked Turkey
  • Green Bean Casserole w/Crispy Shallots (from scratch)
  • Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • Make-Ahead Gravy
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Pumpkin Pie w/freshly Whipped Cream

The green beans could have been just a bit more tender and the sauce a wee thicker, but otherwise that casserole was delicious (and the reheated leftovers were perfect). The Make-Ahead Gravy was fantastic, but it sure makes a lot! The cranberry sauce was the best I've had (inadvertently simmering for about twice the called-for time may be one reason why). Also, Rusty added a bit of coconut oil to the pie crust (because he thought he was out of Crisco), and was it ever good -- the texture was nice & crisp. I'm not sure what his ratio was, but I hope he remembers...

I made Turkey Soup on Sunday -- and loved the Make-Ahead Gravy method for making stock so much that I did it again for the soup. I think it was the best, most flavorful pot of turkey soup I've ever made. Delicious!!

Also, I'd finally reached my −20 lb. goal at Weight Watchers the Monday before Thanksgiving -- which has been so slow in coming that I'd actually set Jan. 1st (one year) as my deadline; and I made it through the holiday weekend with neither loss nor gain, and that is most certainly a WIN! Now to keep that momentum going...

Excited about... Maddy's return to New Zealand! She's been hired full-time for the vintage, and will be there from January to May.

Happy... that Christmas shopping/gifting is coming together nicely this year.

Listening... Leslie Odom Jr. / Simply Christmas - Deluxe Edition! It was my favorite last year, and I think it will be this year, too.

Looking forward to... Replacing some elderly computers. Orders have been placed, stuff is on the way. Now, if I could only get by on 3 hours of sleep... or add 8 hours to my day!

Organizing... All the Make.Do stuff from the shop!!

Planning... Christmas. We're thinking Cornish hens for dinner, and...

Sewing... Barely a stitch since returning from Alabama!!

Watching... Godless on Netflix. Actually, we've finished... but I think I might watch it again!

Wondering... What's up with you right now!?



This is certainly a busy time of year! Have a GREAT time in St. Louis with Kate. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. XO


This post made me think you have all your ducks in a row! Delicious dinner, no weight gained, time with Maddy before NZ, and especially Christmas gifting coming together. That's what is not coming together in my world, but it's really the same every year. Have a wonderful time in St. Louis with Kate!


Take a look at this recipe for cranberries. It has bourbon but you can do without and I use 1/2 brown sugar. The good part is, it cooks in the oven so no stirring or watching, and it can be done well in advance of the day.


I love Christmas decorations in the city - enjoy your time in St. Louis! Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful, too.


Have fun in St. Louis!!


Your family is always on the go, doing, making, creating fun! Looking forward to hearing about your SL adventures and anything else y'all do during December (or November). :)


A fun weekend!! Enjoy St. Louis. Your thanksgiving dinner sounds great...interested in the coconut oil added to the pie crust...get Rusty to divulge his secret - lol. And Cornish hens - saw them in the store the other week and that got me thinking (but I'm not cooking for Christmas...). You sound busy but you also sound like you are enjoying everything.


OH I wish I knew you were coming to Saint Louis.! If you have time check out the Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Gardens! Will you have time to yarn shop at Knitorious?

Robby H.

They believe in Christmas lights everywhere in STL, including in some of the parks. See if you can find a listing of what's up already if you have any time. Safe travels, and congrats on the WW goal!


hey there, what's up? Not much but Xmas knitting (almost done), reading - hardly at all, and dreaming and organizing the meals to prepare at the time the kids and grandkids come for the holidays.
Right now I am thinking of meals for this week while in Texas watching a few grandkids as parents are off galavanting "on holiday". I wish I was in St.Louis next, but it's too darn close to other adventures -- you have fun!
P.S. This is written on my daughter's computer as, since there was an update to my apple computer, I haven't been able to comment on anybody's "typepad" blog.
What to do? Anybody know?


Growing up, we always had cornish game hens for Christmas, with cornbread stuffing and an orange glaze (that I'm pretty sure came from a can of OJ concentrate :-) Those little birds still say Christmas to me! when you find that extra 8 hours in your day, please remember to tell me where to look!


So much happening! I hope you had a wonderful time in St. Louis. We shopped 'til we dropped over the weekend and got away as well. get that decorating done!

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