Year In Review: 2017
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Unraveling: Kitten knittin'

I'm a day late, but still joining Kat & friends again this week...



There's still some work to do!

I started Jün's "Sleepy Kitten" on Sunday. As far as knitted toys go, this is one of the best patterns I've tried. I've made a couple of simple mods to make the knitting up even easier, but the biggest modification is that instead of entirely striping legs, body & arms (to mimic PJs), I've striped only the legs and the lower body, and will knit a separate shirt! That idea came to me when I mistakenly knit the dress for Gin's kitten too small at first. And because I knew Junah would have fun with a removable piece of clothing!


Gin's sleepy little kitten -- still in need of a nose!


You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, by Sherman Alexie, is going down as one of my favorite books of the year! I'll finish this book/listen in the next day or two, for sure.

I finished reading Population 485 on Sunday morning, waiting for Jün to wake up. It was as bittersweet & heartbreaking as I remembered.


Participating with some friends again for the 3rd Annual Icelandic Christmas Book & Chocolate Swap (aka, Jólabókaflóð), my parcel arrived on Monday and the timing couldn't have been better! The rule at our house has always been that presents the arrive in the mail can be opened immediately... and so I did! New on my nightstand (but a long-time entry on my Goodreads list) is Tender At The Bone, by Ruth Reichl, compliments of Nancy. I will save the chocolate, though, for Christmas Eve, and savor every bite -- it actually came from Iceland! Nancy recently visited relatives there.



Those little kittens are adorable! I'm afraid they might be too fussy for me, though. Then again, if Jack decides he wants one I will figure it out. I loved Tender At The Bone and I bet you will, too.


Those Sleepy Kittens are just wonderful. I think I want one - lol. Have you seen Lene's cats? ( They are amazing!!


Your kitten(s) are wonderful and will be well-loved and well-clothed. I'm seconding Vera's recommendation for Lene's kittens and creativity. She's been posting every day in December, and I should warn you that after reading, you may want to just sit and knit kittens and their outfits in 2018! (Wait until you see the angel-wing cardigan and tiny quilt!)


I love those little kittens! So sweet! And, Lene's kittens are something else too!


Yes on Lene's blog, but you likely know that. Your Sleepy Kittens are simply darling and fun, silly, cute! Jün and Gin are going to love them.


Ruth Reichl is wonderful. I just finished -- like, last night! -- her latest, a novel: Delicious! Unsurprisingly, she is not as good a novelist as an essayist, but it was still a fun read. And guess what? It made me hungry -- repeatedly!

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