Year In Review: 2017


Ali dropped Jün off on Saturday evening, and I returned him almost 24 hours later.


Left to his own devices... 10.5 hours of snooze time!


His new favorite place is perched on the arm of my recliner, right next to my table of treasures -- scissors, cases, measuring tapes, stitch markers, knitting needles, tools, bits of yarn, patterns -- it is endless and fascinating to an almost 4yo.


We had a great time doing all sorts of things, including watching holiday shows (Thomas the Tank Engine and Mickey Mouse), doing laundry (he's great at matching socks!), and putting some finishing touches on the Christmas tree.



Sounds like you had a great time with your little guy. I can picture doing this with Jack in a few years!


That was my favorite spot I was when visiting with my grandmother, and where I learned to knit. I'm glad to hear you had such wonderful company this weekend!


How wonderful! I loved to watch my great grandmother stitch (she did embroidery, darned socks, and crocheted dainty lace edging under my watchful gaze). Eventually, that all translated into her teaching me to hand-sew and do various embroidery stitches. Such lovely memories! XO


What a sweet time! Are there any goldfish or oranges left?


I loved going through my grandmother's desk and her sewing basket. He's a lucky boy!

Robby H.

Sounds like a grand time was had by all.

Robin F

Special times that he will remember. How did he get to be almost 4 so quickly. Have a wonderful holiday filled with family, food and fun.


I'd say that he has got to be about the best weekend companion ever!


Jünah seems to have had a calm and relaxing weekend with you! The magical moments of childhood under your watchful eye will be memorable and sweet to you both! How can he be almost 4?!

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