Unraveled Wednesday: Yarn cakes
Happy Anniversary!

3TT: Color

Joining Carole and friends again this week for Three on Thursday...

Thing 1:

IMG_20180118_071032_970If you're on Instagram, have you seen/done this?

(There's always Some New Thing to see/do!)

Thing 2:


The sky was on fire this morning!

Thing 3:


Sometimes the old hydrangeas on the other side of those dirty windows are rather ghostly. I cannot wait to watch the garden come alive from this new vantage point, and love that even after 30+ years of living in this house, there are still things like a "new vantage point." Maybe the garden will even get some attention this year!



Look at ALL that color!

Robby H.

I saw that Year of Color thing early this morning and immediately regretted how little I have on IG, especially since most of it is projects I did for others. Still, yay for new vantage points!


Another Instagram thing I haven't done (yet). That is a lovely sky, and I really love your colorful yarn!


Love ALL THAT COLOR! (and a big yay for "new vantage points"!)

gale zucker/ she shoots sheep shots

Such a good post to view on this grey/white and greyish white day! Thank you!


I love all the colors! Wow!


All the beautiful photos you post to Instagram are showing up! I love your new vantage point AND what a sky!!!


Lots of color and an AMAZING sky! Beautiful.


Colors. With the color wheel and the spots above, I always ask my husband the amateur artist to help me, but I still have trouble matching and deciding.
The colors of your yarn balls are so nicely varied. I lately am buying more variant, striping, undull, and phasing colors. Now - for this year - I will knit!


I finally succumbed to the yearofcolour thing this afternoon. (So much fun!)

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