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Carrying on

I had a very productive weekend that proceeded at a lovely pace. I did some things that I needed to do, I did somethings that I wanted to do, and I did somethings that flew in out left field. That is my FAVORITE kind of weekend! I feel refreshed.

Also, I slept pretty well.


I spent a bit of time on both days getting my downstairs dye studio in order -- cleaning, assembling a shelf unit, hauling stuff down there & organizing -- and even dyed a couple of hanks. I need to get a feel for the space, equipment, and flow...


I dragged almost everyone down to look at it, and Kate snapped a different view, shared on her IG story.

I'm itching to get back down there, but that probably won't happen until Friday!



I love all the light, room, and plants. You are going to be dyeing some great stuff in your new space!


What a great space to work and play! I love the light, the window, the shelving, the running water and the stainless sinks. Before Christmas I shibori dyed seven yards of fabric in the basement. When we hooked up to city water this fall, they removed the well - our water source in the basement. So I had to lug water downstairs and afterwards indigo up the stairs. I was so worried about tripping and spilling that 5 gallon bucket of blue. On my bucket list is getting a waterline to the basement again.


I can hardly believe that's your basement! It has so much light!!!! What a wonderful space for your dyeing, Vicki! Just perfect. XO

Robby H.

How nice to have such a great workspace, and not have to move things around to accommodate other people. The plants are a nice touch. Here's to sunshine for them and you as the days slowly lengthen.


Your dye studio looks great - of course, any space that includes a "do art" license plate is primed for great things. Look forward to seeing all the creativity that comes forth from there!


What a light-filled fun space. Just lovely.


It's awesome that you have made this little corner of your basement work for you as a dye studio! I'm happy for you!


I love how this looks and I am excited to see what you do! XO


whoa ... it looks so inspiring. (and clean!) I can't wait to see what ART you DO!


You've created a lovely space to create! Everything looks close, easily at your figure tips with good space and a floor you can get messily colorful! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the Make.Do studio!

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