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Dresses and hats, and dresses as hats

I finished another dress and top for the kids' Sleepy Kittens over the weekend.


I used two somewhat coordinating mini-skeins, and all but used them up! I have a couple others that would work nicely, and will keep them handy... these are nice little projects for in-between and/or mindless knitting.


The "top," above, and the "dress," below. I only did only the first set of increases for the top, but did them in the manner of the second (more spaced out), so it wouldn't be so poofy. I also do quite a few more rows of ribbing than called for.


It just so happened that the kids & their mother picked me up on Sunday morning for a quick trip to the store, so I was able to give them their new kitty clothes. Gin had her new Bitty Baby along and we discovered that the kitten's dress can double as a hat for the doll! It's a little strange at the top, sleeves & bodice & all, but it fit! And now, perhaps a matching Pussy Hat for Bitty Baby is in the cards...



Her face! I just love her expressions!


I Iove the multi-purpose kitten clothing, and Bitty Baby would probably love her own pussy hat!


Those are so adorable!


Such fun knitting! (And Gin. A natural born activist! XOXO)


oh yes... matching pussy hat for sure!!


Just wonderful! I love that picture of Gin - she looks adorable in her Pussy Hat. Her doll definitely needs one too!


You are the Knittin' G-ma! Gin is going to come to expect new knitting every time she sees you. (As it should be.)

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