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FO: Windschief + 2017 Knitting Review

Well, I just love this little hat!


It's my first FO -- both started & finished -- of 2018!


Super cute. Fun & quick to knit, with the twisted rib section adding just enough to keep it interesting. I finished at Knit Night last night, and the kids just happened to be there!


It was knit for Jün and he tried it on, but he did not want photos nor did he want to give it back! (I nabbed it later when he wasn't looking, and then Gin "volunteered" to model.)

Meanwhile, here's a snapshot of knitting accomplished in 2017:


No one is more surprised than me that I finished 24+ items last year!

  • Two kittens
  • Two polar bears
  • Seven+ hats (some never made Ravelry)
  • One beard
  • Freak flags (double set)
  • Three cowls
  • Four shawls
  • Two pairs of mitts
  • One dress & two little sweaters for Gin (one of them started ages ago)
  • One ornament
  • One adult cardigan -- that had been in the WIP pile for almost 10 years!

(By comparison, I finished a grand total of nine items in 2016. Not my best knitting year.)

I was a fairly monogamous knitter last year, starting & completing projects in reasonable time, with focus & purpose. I think I started only three projects last year that remain unfinished: another pair of Squad Mitts, a gnome, and my Brambling Shawl. I didn't make any big plans or goals, just went with my heart... and I think I'll just stick with that!!



Gosh! You knit a lot last year! And that hat for Jun/Gin is darling. LOVE it.


What a fun hat! I have a feeling there may be battles for the hat between the grands - Gin looks rather comfortable with it. :) I'm so far behind on updating Ravelry - although I know that the knitting has been rather limited in the last year+. This fall I did get my shawlette finished in the gorgeous Aegean colorway that you dyed - it will get blogged sometime, ha. As I go into this next wave of KonMari + I'm definitely needed to thin out the stash - definitely some skeins that are no longer sparking joy.


Those pictures are so great! (Gin is really, really cute!) Nice job on the knitting too...I'm trying to take a page from your book and remain monogamous as well. It's hard!!! :-)


You made it a great knitting year in 2017, and those Windschief pictures are the best FO photos ever!


Gin is a beauty! She models so well and, oh my, those big brown eyes!! You knit a big variety as well as a number of items. I think I made one shawl and couple of pairs of socks. It wan't another banner year. Oh well.


I LOVE the hat (it really sets Gin's brown eyes beautifully ... I predict Jun might have a hard time getting it away from her!) - and super impressed you already have a 2018 FO! 2017 was a great year for your knitting ... following your heart clearly works!


Adorable photos of the kids and hat! My goal for 2018 isn't so much about how much I will knit but that I promise to TRACK what I knit!

Robby H.

As long as you have one knitwear model in the family for each generation, you're probably ok. Ha! I do like how Jun is cradling it like a football, must be the influence of his shirt. Good knitting in 2017. I just knit things as the spirit moves me. It's not much of a system, but it's mine.


Excellent year for your knitting, Vicki! And, I think Gin needs her own Windschief - she looks adorable in it!


I love that Windschief pattern. Have made at least two sets. Yours is adorable on your adorable model!

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