Unraveled: In the nick of time
Vicki Reads

Happy New Year!

That was December. It's hard to believe that all of that happened in one month!

The few days before/after Christmas were truly a blur.

The coffee shop was closed today, so I took the opportunity to spiff up my Make.Do spot:


While the remodel was happening, Rusty re-worked that triangular wire display so that it ROTATES! I was able, then, to eliminate a couple of other display pieces and consolidate a bit. It's simpler and I like it better. Now, to get some yarn dyed & on those shelves!!


I took a few other photos of the shop, too, which I will share (as promised), but for now, some of the collected coffee tins & pots that are used for decor. PLEE-ZING!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!



Great December and the coffee shop is looking good! I love that PLEE-ZING can!


You had an adventurous month (two months!). I like your display and can see the Freak Flags flying! The coffee shop is a PLEE-ZING place! Happy New Year, dear friend!!


I love that last photo! I agree with you that some of December feels like a blurrrrrrrr.


It looks just FABULOUS, Vicki! I love it! XOXO
And December? My goodness! It just flew. . .


December did just fly by! And, that tin is so PLEE-ZING!! XO

Robin F

Love the pic of the shop. You've been so busy that I don't see how you could have dyed any yarn but now that you have your new corner in the basement you can get back to it. Happy new year.


What a month! (what a year!!) Your Make.Do shop is so inviting. and Plea-Zing - LOVE IT!

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