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I'm a sucker for these things, so on Sunday morning I downloaded the Google Arts & Culture app (Google Play) (iTunes) to answer the pressing question of the day:

"Is your portrait in a museum?"

Well, of course I'd want to see my artistic masterpiece doppelganger! Wouldn't I??


Haha! Mornings might not be my best time... I even put on mascara!

I kept trying... There were a fair number of not-so-attractive men, but also some interesting children and women. Here is a curated collection.


I tried again later in the day...


It's crazy and uncanny and a little bit weird. I've done it at various times over the past couple of days and it's pretty consistent with the results -- the same images cycle through. I'm not sure of the parameters, exactly, other than than the relationship between facial features.

That last one really resonated with me... I see my much younger self in those eyes. "Vluchtelinge" means "refugee," as far as I can tell, and the painting was done in 1910. I am learning a little bit about Arts & Culture!

I took a photo of Rusty, too, and this was among the results:


So crazy! It blows me away!! Interestingly, that is Gerhard Richter, a German artist... Rusty, an artist, is also of German heritage.

Have you tried it? What do you think?? Are you taking selfies all day?



These are so interesting! I love how a slightly different expression, lighting, etc. can give you very different results. I wish I could get it to work for me; I've tried for a couple days, and keep getting errors. A local friend couldn't get it to work here in NJ, but had success in Ithaca. We read that it only works in certain geographic regions so far, but I'm going to try next time I travel. I can really see you in that last one, too!


I haven't done it yet but it's so fun!


These are amazing! Okay, I am off to play this game! XO

Robby H.

That last one of you is really a great match. Rusty's is also pretty uncanny. It raises questions for me re: the facial recognition software that is supposed to be protecting us though.


This was a fun read (and follow-along on Instagram) but I am resisting trying it myself. How interesting that Rusty has a doppelgänger ... and you - do not! I love that about you!


I watched you go through this process on Instagram . . . I really do think it's interesting to see the collection of portraits that "match" you. I see YOU most in that last one you posted . . . definitely. (But Rusty's? Wow. That's quite a match.) XO


One of our SnB girls had us try this and I mostly came up with a series of old women, but a few beautiful women, too. ;-) Mostly, I like the app for the culture part. I read an extensive article on Yodoe umbrellas, and how they're manufactured. I really got a kick out of many of your matches and can see parts of you in everyone (but I did get a giggle out of a couple). The last one is the best likeness. Rusty's is uncanny.


Those are fantastic! I haven't tried this yet but you may have inspired me to give it a go.


Wow! What fun. I had never heard of this before. I can see you in many of the "matches," but particularly in the last. Rusty's match is unbelievable!! I'm going to have to check this out.


Okay, I am not ashamed to admit I am the dumbest cluck on the block. I downloaded the app, Google Arts & Culture, but now what? I cannot find anything in the app about matching my selfie to a museum painting.

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