Safe Travels to Maddy (again!)
So, um yes...

Right now - January

Anticipating... a super-quick weekend getaway with Rusty to celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary on the 20th! I wanted someplace warm but it couldn't be far, so we are going to a nearby spa resort hotel type of place (there's a first time for everything)... with fireplaces! And we'll each get a good, long, relaxing massage. I can feel myself loosen up a bit just thinking about it...

Cooking/Eating... Kym posted this morning about The Cooking Light 3-Day Detox that she & Tom just completed.  My comment: While I am continuing with Weight Watchers (and it is amazing how frequently my "diet/healthy" recipes get RAVES), I fell HARD off the WW wagon over the past couple of months and have struggled to get back on. Travel, holidays, birthdays, people & their crazy schedules, and WW rolling out a few changes to their program... it's been tough to pull it together and FOCUS. So I'm going to focus on doing this!

Excited about... Spending a few hours with Gin tomorrow! That hasn't happened very often, but Ali & Rod want to take Jün out for his birthday... so YAY!


Looking forward to... Dyeing... Knitting... I am ITCHING to get some work done downstairs!  I am off tomorrow and will be prepping some yarn this evening. I will be dyeing some yarn, using a new/different (to me) process, for the MDK Parallelogram Scarf KAL that I'm doing with Mary! We're starting on January 20th and would love some company, if you're so inclined. I've had my eye on this pattern since I first laid eyes on Field Guide No. 5 | Sequences!

Organizing... Also, over the 3-day weekend, I'll be getting Christmas put away!! I wish I had it in me to REALLY organize and purge...


Reading... I'll soon finish Tender At The Bone and intended to begin Prairie Fires next, but I think a long overdue re-read of Little House In The Big Woods will happen first. Since all of the Christmas stuff is out of the way, I was able to reach all the books at the back of the closet and fish it out.

Watching... Have you seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?? We started watching a few weeks ago. I found that it's a little slow to build, and I almost lost Rusty early on, but we both stuck with it and finally finished the other night. It's funny, the clothes are INCREDIBLE, casting... Tony Shaloub, and winner of a couple of Golden Globe awards!

  1. I love Tony Shaloub and he is from Wisconsin.
  2. I didn't know that Rachel Brosnahan was also from Wisconsin, born in the same city as me, in fact... AND we went to the same grade school in Highland Park, IL (she for many grades, me for only first grade)... I mean we're practically related. Haha.

Word... I don't usually "choose a word" for the year. I tried that once. I even created a blog category for all the posts I was going to write about it... and there is ONE POST ABOUT IT. But there is a word that keeps popping up lately, multiple times a day, and that word is SLOW. As in "slow down," "slow down and focus," "you could do that if you slowed down," "you'd have to slow down..." So if I were to be choosing a word, that would probably be it.

Wondering... What's up with you right now??



Nice stuff for you! How is Tender at the Bone? I'll have to add The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to our list. We are getting through Godless (which we both love), Season 2 of the Crown and the latest season (4? or 5?) of A Place to Call Home. And Victoria starts up this Sunday I think (Season 2). I'm thinking Sequences is the best MDK little book yet - I love everything in it! but I've got too many other things I want/need to do to join you and Mary! My word is Explore...but I'm thinking maybe Explore Slowly would be good - lol


Oh that yarn! Beautiful!

I have a few days to ponder this KAL....and ponder I will.

And, can I just say SLOW is perfection?! It is the best choice!


Your getaway sounds perfect, as does some time alone with Gin!

Robby H.

Oooooh, a fireplace. Congrats on 33 years, no small thing.

I'm intrigued by the MDK scarf, so I'll look forward to seeing yours develop.


I LOVE Mrs. Maisel!!! Great show -- and the clothes!!!! Such a treat. Your getaway sounds perfect (I mean . . . considering you can't go somewhere sunny and warm and sandy. . . ) - and congratulations on 33 years together. Enjoy your time with Gin -- (she's such a sweetheart) -- but I still can't believe Jün is 4!!!!! Love your word . . . SLOW! XO


Congratulations on 33 years, one-on-one time with Gin will be great, and that yarn - gorgeous! I watched Mrs. Maisel on your prior recommendation and it was as good as you said; of course now I want Season 2 and a gorgeous swing coat. Slow down and enjoy all the wonderful things you've got going on!


Slow is a perfect word and since our hobbies, knitting and sewing, are both slow processes it's a great word. I thinking about the KAL, but I need your inspiration on color. I have never heard of Mrs. Maisel. We'll have to give it a try!


I'm in the midst of reading Prairie Fires, but stopped for a day or two to reread Little House in the Big Woods. I now realize I must reread Farmer Boy, too! All are a pleasure to read.

Kim Dean

Tony Shaloub is remarkable. Always.

Robin F

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your get away. Your yarn looks yummy and the colors are fabulous. Are you dying any for sale? I just started Tender at the Bone after finishing Firefly Lane. I'm hooked on Mrs. Maisel. I binge watched with my daughter while she was here for a visit. Growing up in NYC, I really appreciate the location. We also got one hour facials which were marvelous- my face hasn't looked this good since I was a baby! Keep warm. It's even 'cold' down here-40-50. I'm sure you and Gin will have a wonderful day.

Karen B

I loved The Marvelous Mrs Maisel! And Tony Shaloub - such a talent! And the clothes - and the colors of her coats. I would wear that if I wasn't such a black/grey/dove colored person. I haven't dropped by your blog recently but love following you on IG. Congrats on 33 years and enjoy spending time with your littles.


We loved Mrs. Maisel (except in our house it was me who almost got lost at the beginning - I'm SO GLAD Marc made me stick with it!) Thank goodness Grace & Frankie comes out this weekend. I need some (more) good girl TV! LOVE LOVE LOVE the sneak peeks of your parallelogram yarn. Two of my friends will be joining us - vicariously - they don't blog! I think I need to re-read the Little House books, too. if only to celebrate ALL the great things that come from Wisconsin!!

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