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Safe Travels to Maddy (again!)

She begins her way back to New Zealand this afternoon!! You can click through, below, to read her thoughts about NZ Round 2 and other things. I'm going to miss her! It's been great having her around (not to mention she re-painted 90% of my kitchen), but she won't be gone quite as long this time. And then we'll see what new adventures are afoot... I'm pretty sure that a dog will be central (she even refers to her imaginary future dog by name), no matter what!

Junah's birthday is this Friday, but we had an early celebration on Monday night so that Maddy could be a part of it, too!! (photo cred to her)



Oh my goodness, 4 is going to be amazing.

(That Oshkosh B'Gosh "Sgt. Pepper" zip-up sweatshirt he's wearing? KILLING ME!)



I was just going to ask WHERE IN THE WORLD y'all picked up a Sgt Pepper jacket sized for a 4-year old. Oh, my god. Dying, here. XOXO Bon voyage to Maddy -- and early Happy Birthday to Jün. (I can't believe he is 4 already.)


(Also. Can he be ANY sweeter????) XO


4? How can he be 4!? (Love that sweatshirt, too, I might need one for Jackie!) Safe travels to Maddy!


I read Maddy's post that you shared on fb this afternoon and was wishing that she and Justin could talk as he's experienced many of the same emotions and situations that she wrote about. I'm also laughing to hear that she also refers to her future dog by name, as Justin does that same exact thing! Safe travels to Maddy and Happy Birthday to Junah! This is going to be a fun, wonderful, new adventure-filled year for the whole family!

Robby H.

All the best wishes for all the best things to both of the adventurers, even if one is staying close to home.


Four!!! wow, they grow up fast, don't they?! and the only thing that makes me ok with that is that each new age seems to be better than one before :-)

Safe travels and best wishes for Maddy - what a grand adventure she's having! (did she finish painting before she left?)


Four! What? Impossible!!! And, that zipped sweatshirt is PRICELESS! Safe travels Maddy!


Best of travels to Maddy and may the next year be beyond all good expectations! May she and her dog-buddy travel well! I am stopped short hearing Jün is 4 and that he is so full of fun and joy! Ali certainly has a way of dressing her kids. They are SO stylin'!! And heartbreakingly cute, both of them!


OMG that sweatshirt!!!! Safe and fun travels to Maddy! And, Happy Birthday to Jun.

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