Right now - January

So, um yes...

Yes, I did knit a Pussyhat for a baby doll!


And Snapchatted/Facebooked it, too! This is Lena, one of Maddy's American Girl Bitty Babies from back in the day.


I used worsted weight, a 3 US needle, 72 stitches, ribbing for a dozen rows, 4" overall from brim to crown. I knit mine flat and seamed the sides; or it can be knit in the round and closed/finished however you'd like at the top. It took an evening!


I watched Gin for a while on Friday and we had so much fun! She's such a kid now... and growing! She's not going to fit under that counter overhang anymore... she's had enough close calls (perhaps an actual bonk or two) that she ducks, now, as she goes under. I used to have a display of Depression Glass & whatnot on that little shelf... it's a perfect tot spot, though! Sneak peek* at some of the new paint!


Ali came over with Junah after the birthday outing (which included stops for a haircut and to watch his own custom candy bar being made). I'd picked up some Valentine crafty things the other day, so the kids fooled around with that stuff. We ended up punching holes in all of the felt hearts and redecorating a wire Christmas tree that I hadn't put away yet! Jün had put pine cones and quilted stars on it for the holidays... and now I think we've slipped on that slope and will have a small seasonally decorated tree up all year!

Later, Ali sent me these:


Ginny's fringe ! It was another pretty great weekend -- three days helped.   I hope yours was pretty great, too!

*Rusty finished all the kitchen painting over the weekend! Closet doors are back on, hardware & new electrical plates are installed... there's still the matter of the cabinet over the fridge, but we're working it out!



I love the new paint! And, watching those kids grow! They are too cute! Perhaps all Bitty Babies need pussy hats! :D


The paint looks great, Vicki! Can't wait to see the whole thing put together. And . . . oh, those kiddos!!! Love to see them growing and busy and happy! So much love. XO

Robby H.

Kid sized spots are just the best when the world isn't exactly made for your size. I think you must be the best grandma, always something creative to do, and an artist that understands it's about creating not making it perfect.


I love it all - paint, tot spot, decorations, and a custom candy bar. Pussyhats for all!


I remember my grandmothers house had "tot spot" that was a perfect place for me to sit! Those kiddos are so darling. How fun to have a grandma who gets kids and their need to create. You're creating more artists for the world!


Oh, a year round tree for the grands to decorate/craft sounds like a great idea!


The kids are getting so big! And the hats are great, too!


Jun and Gin are growing SO FAST!!! Love all the Pussy Hats and the creativeness of all. The dark grey - LOVE!!!


It's like Gin grew up over night! They are so cute. (And another coming soon yes?)


Gin is indeed a little girl now! with awesome taste in clothes, accessories and people! (how much of that is her mom, how much YOU and how much her?) The hats turned out great! and I LOVE the idea of a seasonal tree - my neighbor has one ... which was until just last month festooned with red white and blue stars for the 4th of July!

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