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Unraveled Wednesday: Yarn cakes

Joining Kat & friends again this week...


I haven't been knitting much over the past week. I had some half-hearted thoughts about another hat or finishing some slippers, but mostly I've been dyeing. Among other things, I've been preparing for the Parallelogram KAL with Mary!


We begin on Saturday! These are the cakes from which I will be choosing -- I need two for the project.

I think I'm going with 2:00 and 8:00, thus:


I've changed my mind 100 times already (in addition to every time I'd wind a new ball), but there are a couple of reasons for this choice... I really want to knit a bunch of combos!


Or three at a time!


I've really been enjoying my time in the studio, and am looking forward to more -- especially as our days gradually lengthen, and then even more when I can fling open the door and expand operations to the back yard.


Last night I was tired of not knitting but still not enthused about anything else, and on a whim I gathered all of my Lamb's Pride Worsted into a pile (save for two colors that just "don't go") and cast on a Log Cabin thing that will probably be a blanket. Random, I know -- I'm even using a random number generator to help with decision making. There's no pressure or deadline, and only the vaguest of plans, but I've always wanted a larger knit blanket and, mostly, I'm just very happy to finally have a plan for all of that yarn!


I am all but finished reading Tender At The Bone, by Ruth Reichl. I am really enjoying this book and will definitely seek out more of Ruth Reichl... open to your recs, if you have any!

Also, quite randomly and while waiting for an audio book on CDs from the library (seems like the dark ages and I hope I can cope), I am listening to Badass Your Brand: The Impatient Entrepreneur's Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit by Pia Silva.



Oh, those yarns! I like!

Robby H.

I can see why you're playing with those yarns trying to pick from them! Garlic and Sapphires was an excellent read. Great character studies of the 'characters' she created, as well as a little inside glimpse of the hey day of name restaurants in NYC.


I would have to use all those yarns - gorgeous!! I recommend My Kitchen Year. So many great recipes.


I love all of your yarns, and would be hard-pressed to choose only two. I'll be interested to see how your final choices play together, but if anybody can choose good colors, it's you (I'm thinking about Parcheesi, Arrows, Colorwash, etc.)! Just like I'll be interested in seeing your log cabin blanket. Winter is blanket season, and a long-term, no deadline, use up stash project sounds great!


Those yarns are awesome! I liked Comfort Me with Apples, which is Reichl's follow up to Tender at the Bone but I couldn't get into Delicious, her novel.


I am so excited about your hand-dyed Parallelogram - you have plenty of options!! and I think you'll love Comfort Me with Apples and My Kitchen Year (I bought that after Kat recommended and have enjoyed the few essays I've read ... I really want to read it cover to cover!)


Those yarns all look wonderful! Log cabin knitting is so much fun! It keeps popping up everywhere and I regret now that I didn't bring more yarn to start a blanket.
Those books by Ruth Reichl sound interesting. I'm going to add them to my list ;-)


ALL of your colors are tempting. Two of any together would make a great scarf. I really like your second to last picture, the dark grays and the blue/yellow cake would be fascinating to watch. The blue/yellow would also be great with the purply one at top! So many choices!


Oh, Vicki! Those color-combinations. I would be just dying from the deciding . . . I can't wait to see it all unfold! XO


I recently read Delicious!, Ruth Reichl's first novel. Recommend!

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