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Unraveling: From out of nowhere

Well, actually, it came from somewhere...


Ali sent me an Instagram photo of a Windschief hat that she ran across, with a note about how great it would look on Junah, so...

I declined a movie invitation last night in favor of the opportunity to be home alone for more than :25 for the first time in ages! I knit on said hat and watched a bit of TV (catching up on the last of S1 Victoria before S2 begins)!

I have all but finished a subtly striped little kitten dress, and plan to make a shirt for the other kitten with the same yarn (and that might be the end of that... yarn).

Announced in October with seemingly all the time in the world to plot and plan, I was not able to think much about the Fringe Association Log Cabin Make-along, but I haven't given up on joining in, either! I'm thinking fingering weight scrappy cowl or infinity scarf or maybe substantial wrap. Anyway, I'm thinking...

I am about half-way through Tender At The Bone, by Ruth Reichl, and am enjoying it quite a lot! I am listening to an AARP book called Downsizing The Family Home: What To Save, What To Let Go, by Marni Jameson.


Oh look!


Rusty was recently given an amaryllis and it's starting to grow! It's a bit askew & bent, but will probably straighten up a bit.



I thoroughly enjoyed being home BY MYSELF all day yesterday ... sadly, I did not spend the time knitting or watching/listening to much, but still, it made my brain feel good. I've decided NOT to Log Cabin, but I'm looking forward to Sequencing together :-)

Robby H.

Love him as I do, I was not sad when my beloved went back to the office yesterday.

Thinking about the log cabining thing because I've never done it. Shocking, I know, but now that little secret is out in the world.


Yesterday was glorious here - Dale went back to work and I had another holiday from work! Tomorrow we've both got a snow day so it looks like a 1 day work week for me. I love 2018 so far!


I thought about Log Cabining, too, but I just can't pull it together right now. The wonky amaryllis has a blossom coming! I'm on constant amaryllis watch as I have 3 plants and 5 blossoms on the move. Junah's going to be warm and his kitten well dressed!


I love, love, love Junah's Windschief yarn and more kitten clothing. You must knit them - it's FOR THE CHILDREN! I'm cheering on the skewed amaryllis ...


Home alone time might just be my absolute favorite thing ever in all the world! I can't wait to see said kitten clothing! And, that hat is adorable!


I love the subs in that dark blue yarn; they're a spot of pep!

I was going to log cabin along, but I'm so obsessed with brioche right now, I can't tear myself away. I was at the LYS with some log cabin yarn in my hand, as well as more yarn for another brioche hat, and I realized that I just wanted to knit the hat. No commitments on the log cabin yet. So I put the log cabin yarn back...

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