Friday Fotos


Well, I cast on my shawl, watched Opening Ceremonies and some figure skating here and there... y'know, you really have to WATCH figure skating, and that cuts into the knitting time! It was a great weekend in every way except for the knitting output. I'll be picking up on Row 20 of 54/Chart A this evening; Charts B, C & D, plus body & ribbing (x2 on all of that) remain! At this point, the podium seems very far away...

In other news, I finished sewing the epic, years-long, multi-generational sewing project on Saturday morning, and I'm really pretty thrilled with how it turned out. All the pattern pieces are pressed, neatly folded and put away, and I would consider sewing the pattern again! Details, photos & a bit more of the story are forthcoming... next week!



Oh funny & flattering Snapchat filters, I love you! (There are some very UN-flattering filters - no love!) There was KID TIME on Saturday afternoon! We had so much fun in just a few hours! It's hard to imagine adding #3 to the mix... there's only 5-6 weeks to go!


Kate, Ali & I drove down to IKEA in Schaumburg yesterday, passing right by the new store in Oak Creek that looks like it should be open, but won't actually be open until this summer. That'll still be a bit of a trek, and not something we'll do on the regular, but here's to saving 1.5 hours travel each way! We had a successful day (13.5 hours, door-to-door including unloading), complete with Swedish meatballs & Dala horse candies. I found everything on my list, made my judgments and comparisons, and despite leaving a number of things on the shelf, the car was stuffed and we all had plenty of things to unpack & assemble when we got home.

Rusty and I will be doing a literal fly-by tomorrow -- he returns from Mexico as I jet off to Nashville!


He spent quite a bit of time demonstrating at Galeria Logan, and finished the piece he was working on. (You can spot some of Rusty's other work in the photos -- from last year or the year before; he just made a fresh delivery). And he got some GREAT wave photos at the beach... inspiration for future work!

I hope you had a great weekend!



I can't believe the new baby will be here so soon! I guess I don't give much thought to how lucky we are to have Ikea only 20 minutes away.


We were at IKEA today, and I must say - it is my favorite place to wander. And, Rusty's art work... wow. I just love it!


I LOVE seeing your kid time photos; thanks for sharing them as they always put a smile on my face. Rusty's waves are incredible and it looks like his time in Mexico was well spent. Have fun in Nashville!


You and those kids have so much fun. You make smiles. Rusty's wave drawing just blow me away. Have a great time in Nashville!


LOVE Rusty's waves - gorgeous! And those snap chat photos are just so funny.

I love Ikea, but it also makes me crazy! sort of overload, you know?


I have never been to an IKEA. Sad, but true. (It's on my bucket list. . . ) Rusty's waves are just amazing. (I'm so happy to have seen some of them in real life and up close. Because they're even MORE amazing that way.) Have SO MUCH FUN in Nashville!!!! XO


Fabulous waves! Rusty is very talented!

Robby H.

Wow, what great work by Rusty! And you've completely nailed why i never get as much knitting done as I think I will during the Olympics. Enjoy Nashville.


Thanks for the peeks at Rusty's work - I always love seeing the waves! and those cute kiddos. I meant to try IG filters with Sam this week, but forgot (boo!) Hope you're having a wonderful time in Nashville!!


Whoa, I missed the Baby #3 announcement! Congratulations! We welcomed Jacob as #2 on January 6. #1 still reeling a bit--we have to watch for the really hard hugs she gives him sometimes. :)

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