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FO: Habu for Me!

On Sunday morning, I made my buttonholes -- literally, making a hole in my knitting where each one should be and stitching around it -- and sewed on the buttons.



I remember the day in November 2007, running errands with Mom, and sneaking in a stop at my LYS, Iris Fine Yarns, because I knew there was a Habu Textiles trunk show happening. I knew, too, that the Habu aesthetic was right up my mother's alley and that if she found something she liked, she wouldn't be knitting it.

Sure enough, she found something... and I knit it for her! That project was started in February 2008 and finished during the 2010 Olympics!

Habu for Me was also in that stack set for finishing in 2010, but I didn't make it. The pieces had all been re-knit to the correct gauge and all that remained was the sewing up.


I gotta tell ya, after almost 9 years in the making, it feels real good to have another long-languishing project across the finish line!


Maybe there's hope for the 40 +/- WIPs I have going, according to Ravelry. There's at least one large project **cough** Alice Starmore's Cromarty since July 2004 **cough** that's not even on Ravelry! (It also feels real good to update an old blog post like that once in a while. I'm blaming bandwidth issues back in the day for all of the 1" wide photos in blog posts!)

Good grief, now there's an action plan! I'm going to be going through that list, locating & assessing every one of those projects, and making a decision and/or updating the project status! Does it stay or does it go??


Back to the FO at hand! It's lightweight, timeless (that easy, minimal Japanese style), more or less neutral in color, and will be perfect for wearing all spring!



That's a major accomplishment, my friend! Good for you!


What a gorgeous sweater, Vicki! Perfect and timeless. Also . . . very satisfying, I imagine. It feels so good to cross things off to-do lists. (And all the more so when they've languished there for years.) XO


A very lovely sweater in a great yarn! I don't think I've ever knit with a wool/linen combination, but it looks like it is very nice stuff. Enjoy the wearing (and your epic wip assessment)!


GORGEOUS! Love the color, the style and your buttons. It will be perfect for Spring...summer (chilly evening) and Fall. I clicked on the link to your Ravelry page...then the pattern...the pattern is available for $80.00! Can that be right?????


It is beautiful, Vicki! I love it - especially the button choice! Perfection!

Robby H.

It's fabulous, and very wearable. How nice to have it finished. I'm afraid going back to a golden oldie is not one of my strong points.


LOVE the FO. Especially love how you did the buttonholes. They look so rich. Enjoy.


When you pick projects that have classic timeless lines it doesn't matter how many years it takes as they're still classic and timeless! I LOVE this jacket and it will be one you wear and wear. PLUS, it is full of memories.

Anna Prasad

What a wonderful cardigan. And what a story. I love it


Love this sweater! Habu always has such classic designs.


What a lovely outcome to a "legacy project". So happy you now can wear it and enjoy the good memories.


Many congratulations on the finish...it is stunning! And buttons are perfect. You will wear it well!

Robin F

Love the simple classic lines of this sweater. I'm a fan of Habu yarns. How wonderful to finish a long waiting project.


Woohoo! that's a fabulous finish ... and I know you'll wear it for years! Your idea to assess the other 40 sounds great - I'm betting you find a few more treasures in the pile and that you free up some yarn for other projects!

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