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The Rare Stitch

I had an email the other day from my friend Margaux at 1010 Studio. I've known Margaux through blogging for... I don't even know how long (before she was a mama, for sure)! I met her in person, finally, at Rhinebeck 2016, and my project bag of choice since last fall has been the "Rhinebeck or Bust" bag that she designed for Rhinebeck 2017! With any luck, we'll meet up again at Rhinebeck 2018! She is a wonderful, creative, amazing, loving woman with a great idea to share! She says it best (and also has great photos), so...
As you may or may not know February 28th is Rare Disease Day. The day we get to shine a light on so many kids and adults living with a Rare Disease including my son James. 💕

I have been thinking of ways to increase awareness for Rare Disease in the community I love so much and realized that #knitting is a perfect metaphor of the odds of rare disease. Thinking about your knitting as a population, how many hundreds of thousands stitches do you knit? Now imagine if one of those stitches is “off.” A sea of stockinette but one isn’t quite the same...
So what am I asking you to do? Something very simple.
👉🏼 Starting today, grab a knit you’re working on or one you already have and duplicate stitch One Stitch in a contrasting color ➰

One stitch of so many that is different. That stands out from the rest. That can’t be ignored.

A disease or disorder is defined as rare when it effects less than 200,000 people in the U.S. My son James is diagnosed with Alternating Hemipelgia of Childhood (AHC) which has only approx 400 cases in the US. A 1 in a million chance diagnosis.

I’d love to start seeing these “rare stitches” pop up around social media! Maybe James is the one you know, maybe you of know another? Tell their story! By the time Rare Disease Day happens on February 28th I can imagine seeing a flood of Rare Stitches all over the world.
You can use hashtag #therarestitch and tag me at @1010_studio when you post. I’d love so see them and want to create a huge “collage” by the end of the month! Please encourage or tag others to keep it going.

Seeing the village around us supporting him (and me) as we keep making our way through this Rare Disease world is amazing. I know I wouldn’t be as chipper as I am without you all! I cannot thank you all enough for being a part of our journey and helping to shine a light on that One Stitch of many.



Lovely! Thanks for sharing this, Vicki. XO


What a perfect knitting thing to do, wear and make a "rarestitch", like wearing a ribbon for a good cause. I will definitely do it.


I certainly remember Margaux and this favor she asks would be so easy to do, to share, to support. Thank you, Vicki.


Thank you so much Vicki for sharing this! It means the world to me and James. Cannot wait to see your Rare Stitch!


Thank you for sharing this Vicki! I saw your post on IG first and then found my way back to the source. I love it when social media works for good! I'm knitting a black cardigan right now and will most definitely be putting in a special stitch. xxoo.

Robby H.

I saw this on IG, too. I liked that the way she chose to do it makes it a little heart.


Wonderful idea.


I have seen this on IG and wondered. Thank you for sharing this story!


Thanks for the link. Seems like a simple thing to do for a great cause.

Kim Dean

What a wonderful and beautiful thing. I'm on board for sure.


I’m going to find a way to do this in a vest I’m knitting! I’m spinning some lively aquamarine fiber in the same weight as the vest yarn. This tiny stitch will be for my dear friend diagnosed with ALS this fall. This way she will always be close to me.

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