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3TT: Throwback

Unraveled... and mended


As I've done many times before, I had Gin in the stroller the other day all bundled up in Parcheesi. We ended up doing a little cross-country, and the blanket got caught up in the front wheel, leaving a hole...


It's the first time I've had to mend a hole in this well-loved and much-used blanket!


And, while it was more than one stitch, I definitely had The Rare Stitch in mind as I made the repair. I took the opportunity to toss it in the washer & dryer, too, so all fresh and clean!


Like the knitting, the reading has been slow around here. I continue to listen to Mustard Seed, mostly in the car, and turning the pages of Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Today happens to be the 151st anniversary of Laura's birth in the Big Woods of Wisconsin! Happy Birthday, Laura!



The repair gives your Parcheesi ADDED CHARM! XO

Robby H.

You know, we can mourn the loss of perfection when something gets damaged. Or colorfully celebrate the life of a much loved and well used object when we repair it. Good choice!


The Parcheesi Blanket brings a smile to my face each time I see it! The Rare Stitch is perfect on it. And Gin is too cute all bundled up!


I am so glad you were able to do some visible mending! I am with Kym... it has added charm!


What a great take on the repair of the blanket! Well done!


I love the bright spot on the gray border ... visible mending (and the Rare Stitch) FTW!


You must fix the most iconic blanket on the internet! And, of course, you did it perfectly by adding a symbol of love and connection. It's a perfect fix, Vicki.

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