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Joining Carole and friends again this week for Three on Thursday...

#1, #2, #3, etc. -- If it's fun once...

The kids were over for a while last night -- I had to get my fix before taking off for a long weekend away -- and we had a blast!

  • Redecorating the "holiday" tree
  • Eating supper (and ice cream) (the kids quickly discovered that they could open the "freezer on the bottom" and all the treasures within, so ice cream has been a regular feature of visits lately)


  • Playing with dolls & trucks & motorcycles & Lincoln Logs
  • Reading books
  • Coloring


  • Painting "pet rocks" and Easter ornaments


  • Mugging it up & taking selfies
  • Jumping off the footstool
  • Playing hide & seek

So, hide & seek is new, and Junah is crazy excited about playing that game. He can barely contain himself when he hides so, of course, it's pretty easy to find him. He doesn't realize yet that he doesn't really want to be found... all the excitement right now is about being found!

Jün hid; I found him (under a chair).

Jün hid; I found him (behind a chair).

Gin & I hid; she also made little noises, which made it easy for Junah to find us... in the coat closet by the back door... which delighted him no end! It was so cool, you'd have thought that I'd invented ice cream.

So then Jün & Gin hid... in the coat closet... and I found them!

Again and again and again and again and again!!

He wasn't any less excited that I found him there for the sixth time than he was the first. So freakin' fun.

Then Rusty got involved and I had the brilliant idea to hide the kids in the tub, and of course they thought that was also very cool. And then Gin started playing around with the faucets and they were both cool and WET!! OMG, it was hilarious! Gin was only a little bit damp, actually, but they need little excuse to strip down for a little nakey time.

This grandma thing is THE BOMB! It just gets more and more fun all the time. Counting the days (16) 'til #3 is due!



This is just a glorious post, Vicki! They do just keep getting more and more fun. I am constantly amazed. Have a great long weekend xo!


The joy you get from spending time with your grandchildren is just wonderful to see!


Exactly what Carole said! I always find myself smiling when I see any interaction with those kids!


You all had a grand time and I'm impressed that you got so many great photos, too!


Oh, Vicki! How fun is THAT!???! When Erin was Jün's age, she and my mom made up a game they called "Duck Hunt" (it had nothing to do with ducks, just sayin) that followed some sort of hide-and-seek structure. They both LOVED it, and seemed to never tire of playing it. Such wonderful memories! So happy that you get to spend so much time with those grand-kiddos. What a treat! XO

Robby H.

What a treat to hear how you and your grandkids delight in one another. How lucky to be close for little things like this visit.


Oh My Goodness - YES!! and I'll bet once #3 arrives those two will enjoy getaways at your house even more. I'm spending a few days with my little guys this month and thank you for the freezer idea ... who knows, maybe we'll even be able to take those frozen goodies outside?!


Seeing/reading about your interactions with your grandchildren is just so awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Robin F

What fun for all 3 of you! Lucky grandma to share with grands. Lucky grands to have a grandma who will play with them! No electronics required!


Your house must be full of peals of laughter at all times! How fun to discover the lure of Hide and Seek from the new eyes of grandchildren!

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