Eye Candy Friday

3TT: Spring!!

Joining Carole and friends again this week for Three on Thursday...

True to the forecast, yesterday was the first really nice day we've had this spring! And that was really great because I'd made plans to pick up the big kids...

1 - We had a date at the park!


They're holding hands on the double slide. ❤

We met Kate at Noodles for lunch, and then went over to Petco -- we'd have gone to the humane society had they been open. Kate's been jonesing for a dog or cat...

2 - Adventuring!

Not quite finished with the outdoors-y stuff, we grabbed scooters and hiked through the ravine to the creek-side path near our house... and then hiked back up after Gin's diaper leaked and her pants were wet. And then we did it again (sans scooters the second time)!


We hiked down to the first bridge... and threw stones into the creek. (Naughty!)


Then we scrambled down and walked alongside for a while. No one fell in, but they did dip their hands in... and informed me that it was COLD!!

This was Maddy's favorite place to play when she was a kid. ❤

3 - Snowdrops!


I've never seen them at this stage. I don't usually notice them until they're already in full-bloom, carpeting the ravine!



What fun! And, I love them holding hands down the double slide!


What an AWESOME day!!! My kids used to love playing "Pooh-sticks" on any bridge they crossed. Fun for hours. What a glorious day to share with the "big kids." XO


Sounds like a really fun day, it must have felt great to be outdoors!


Your photos of the kids at the park and creek are just wonderful, and I'm so glad you had a nice spring day! If throwing stones in the creek is naughty, my family is quite guilty. The creek was our favorite place to play, too, and it's clear that Jun and Gin had a terrific time. Happy Spring!


Great fun and photos. Little ones are such a delight to watch as they experience and revel in life. So glad you are able to enjoy them and that you shared that special time with us.


What a great time! I'm thinking these two are going to become even faster friends now that they share a little sister :-)


Through the eyes of children . . .
Just looking at these pictures make me smile.

Robin F

Thanks for the smiles your pix brought. Love the kids at the park and by the creek. It's nice to have multigenerational memories. Snowdrops are a definite sign of spring! How is Malina doing?


They just love their day with you and you with them! You all know how to have a fun time. Thank you for the wonderful pictures!
'Carpeting the ravine"! Wow that must be beautiful.

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