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Today is the 1st Day of Spring (yay!).

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ―Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

And the 1st Day of Spring means it's my blogiversary! I am marking 14 years of blogging!

Fourteen : a number that is one more than 13. --Merriam-Webster

I can barely wrap my head around that! Fourteen years -- so many things, good and bad, happy and sad.

Fourteen : A code word to alert someone that something embarrassing is hanging from his/her nose or mouth. --Urban Dictionary


Thank you for reading, even when it might be drivel (fourteen!), and for coming back and sometimes commenting and sharing your thoughts and ideas and experiences and advice.




I love everything that you share with us - travel, knitting, sewing, wonderful grandchildren, and so much of your life. Never drivel, always entertaining, creative, and always a pleasure to read. Congratulations and keep on writing!


Happy fourteen, Vicki!!! Thanks so much for every single year. XO


I'm so glad we've all been in this space together for so many years. Congratulations on 14!!


Congrats!! 14 is a very good number! Thank you for all the inspiration you share! You have expanded my creativity and my crafting over the years! XO

Kim Dean

Thank YOU.


Fourteen! So glad to have found you and all you bring to our world! xoxo


Congratulations and thank you. Your blog is one of the first ones I started to read and now I drink my coffee each morning with a whole group of interesting people like you.


OMD! I forgot mine on the 4th (I think it was)! Haven't even thought about the blog (much). I am so happy your are still blogging and that we have been friends for SO MANY YEARS! Where did the time go?


Happy Blogaversary! FOURTEEN years is quite an accomplishment and I'm grateful to have been part of many of those years!


I haven't been following you for 14 years, but I'm pretty sure it's 8 or 9. SO glad I followed a link from someone else's blog and found you! Knitting, travel, family, grandchildren and more... I've so enjoyed sharing your life journey.

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