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This caught my eye, of course.


 And then I got closer and started to laugh!


Bureaucratinc Paintings (Red), from the series "Bureaucratinc Abstractions 2017,"
Marcius Galan, set of 12, acrylic paint on paper

They're all receipts from the dry cleaner, a book store, etc. I didn't have to deal with any bureaucratic stuff in Brazil, but I was witness to some of what Ann & Brian went through, and I quickly learned to always have a Plan B... crazy stuff, crazy life and this is perfect commentary!


I wish I could tell you whose painting this is (gah!).
Does anyone else see a squishy knit blanket?

In replying to comments yesterday from Kym & Carole, I remarked that it really is interesting to walk around an art show (or four) just to see WHAT people are using and HOW. The color, texture, and SCALE of things... even if you don't "get" the art, something is bound to resonate at some point!

I married an artist and I gave birth to & raised three very artistic women, so I've been around art for a long time... I'm "creative" but not particularly knowledgeable about "art," so I've found different ways to let it speak to me.

And with that, we had a lovely few hours at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday!


There was a secret thrill in getting into a cab and saying, "To The Met!"


Here are a few things that caught my eye.


Fighting Cows by Franz Marc, oil on canvas


Wisconsin Landscape by John Steuart Curry, oil on canvas

He captured so wonderfully that beautiful light through broody clouds on checkerboard fields.



The Café Terrace by Diego Rivera, oil on canvas


Concord, Barnett Newman, oil and masking tape on canvas


No. 21, Mark Rothko, oil and acrylic with powdered pigments on canvas


Flying Dutchman, Man Ray, oil on board


Clothesline, Fairfield Porter, oil on canvas


Mäda Primavesi, Gustav Klimt, oil on canvas

This was simply glorious; that straightforward gaze, those beautiful colors - bold & soft at the same time!


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I would never have guessed that receipts could be so artistic, nor a simple clotheline (I love that one). I don't know much about art, but I do know I'm loving your NYC art posts!


We never made it to The Met when we went to NYC but you've inspired me to make sure we visit there the next time we go.


The Met is one of my favorite museums ... love that I could visit dozens of times and still have more to see! That Klimt is delightful ... and how about those cows?! (I also love watching people look at art, especially my kids - what they see, how they see it - fascinating!)


I love it! Tom and I once spent far too long wandering through the Grecian urn collection at the Met. Tom turned to me and said, "This is a lot more boring than I thought it would be!"* But then we got to the paintings and all was well!
Thanks for sharing these great NYC art posts, Vicki! XO

*This is now "family lore," entered forever into our family lexicon! ;-)

Julia in kw

I love the Met! If I’m in nyc, I make time for the Met!


The Met is fabulous. I've been several times, but there is still so much more to see. In the next year or two, I want to be there for their Christmas exhibit.


Just wow. Thanks for sharing! And, my favorite is the Klimt!


I see more art through your escapades into museums than I do when left to my own devises. I have never seen a Diego Rivera in that style. The Wisconsin Landscape, the Clothesline and the young girl by Klimt are quite wonderful!

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