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NYC: Art/Textiles

In case you missed it, the main reason for the spontaneous trip to NYC was Art Fairs -- The Armory Show, Volta NYNADA New York Show, and Spring/Break.

Kate's been sharing her favorites at (the newly redesigned/spiffy) yngspc, if you're interested in what caught her eye.

I was visiting these shows with a much less critical artistic viewpoint/aesthetic, and with no real expectation except that it would be all contemporary work and some of it edgy. I immediately honed in on the textile-related pieces and, for some reason, was surprised at their number.



Chromatic affinities X, José Patrício, 2013,
buttons on canvas on wood



Igshaan Adams


State of Being (Children's dress), Chiharu Shiota,
metal frame, children's dress, thread

And then I was dumbfounded...


Ode a L'OubliLouise Bourgeois,
deluxe fabric book; 35 detachable compositions with collage, embroidery, applique and lithography



Matter, Sanford Biggers,
antique quilts, oil stick, spray paint, fabrics, acrylic, tar, glitter, and silkscreen


also Sanford Biggers (I didn't get the titles)


Quilt Painting, Giordanne Salley,
oil and paper on canvas


I neglected to get any information at all about this piece (NADA Show)


or this one (Spring/Break)

I believe there was an "antique quilt" at all four shows -- and I was surprised! Oh, that fabric book tho...

Stay tuned, I have more to share!

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This weekend, I'm looking forward to some sunshine and a thermometer reading 50°F at some point. Also, I'm beginning to feel on pins & needles about the baby! What's ahead for your weekend?



Your NYC trip was so adventurous, you are very flexible indeed.
Wow, those quilts, and colors, and patterns oh my. There has to be an idea or two for knitting. Antique material is a delight to see (but not touch) and has a memory of times back then. I have one 1890 quilt, from a seller that I wish I knew more about, but I guess if I look at more old quilts I could guess, a bit.
Glad you are back home?
Baby, patience is hard to do with a baby!


Oh! All that fabric and texture! Thanks for taking so many photos and sharing them with us!


The buttons! I wasn't even sure that's what they were until I looked at the closeup. All of these pieces are interesting in their own way. I think it would be difficult to go and admire the pieces but not touch; some of them are just begging to be picked up for a closer look and feel and to check out the reverse. I'm looking forward to more sharing and baby news, too!


Oh, Vicki. That just looks awesome. You must've just been on inspiration-overload. (People are so clever and creative, aren't they? It just never fails to amaze me. . . ) Thanks so much for sharing!


The buttons!! Oh man! I just love that one! But, all the fabrics are stunning - those woven flags! Fiber artists never cease to amaze me!


One piece after the other left me in awe. I found it difficult to move on from the buttons the child's dress, but the QUILTS! They demand to be touched, look at carefully, fully, front and back. Going through an exhibit of fabric art makes it so hard to keep ones hands to oneself! Baby, oh, yes, BABY!!


Very COOL! so much talent and creativity ... it's inspiring! (and yikes ... have I missed BABY news??!!)

Robin F

I'm visually overloaded from viewing and reviewing your wonderful pictures. I keep going back and examining each item for new info and insight. I would have had trouble leaving the show. Hope baby waits for you to get home.

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