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Random 10 on Tuesday: Takin' a trip!

Right Now: Marching in

Anticipating... A new grandbaby arriving on the scene in something like 23 days!! Will Gin & Jün welcome a new little sister or brother? Ali says that she has no clue...

Celebrating... MARCH! February, like January, flew right by (not usually the case with February)! That fun little interlude with my sis in Nashville in the middle of the month certainly helped.

Enjoying... noticeably longer days! Spring is still a ways off, but we're also enjoying some warm-ish days here & there.

Itching... for garden fresh veggies! I just signed up for a CSA share for the first time in a few years, and planting started last weekend!! This farm is new to me, though I did attend a dinner there a few years ago. It's the extras/options that swayed me... we're able to say NO, from the get-go, if there are things we really don't want to find in our box. Ever. We'll have the ability to swap things out and/or add items, based on availability. And there's a mushroom option! We'll get a 'shroom share every other week.

Knitting... I'm still working on my Parallelogram Scarf! It's slow going, but it's going! It's Knit Night tonight, so progress will be made...

Swatching... I swatched for the Lunar Phase MKAL, swapping the original blue-green for a lighter one that gives a little more contrast.


I think "orange" will still be the pop color, but tested a dark red and pale gray, too. There are a bunch more photos on my project page.

Needing... to buckle down and Do.The.Taxes. I finished & filed Maddy's the other day, had a meeting with Ali's tax prep person last night & have a "homework" list, and need to keep the ball rolling so I'm not complaining about this for too long!

Speaking of Maddy, she messaged me yesterday to say that she "got the Oregon winery job!!" When she returns from NZ, she'll be working the summer at camp and, hopefully, supplementing with a bit of waitressing, then heading out west! What's that about a rolling stone...?

Planning... Easter dinner already! Well, just beginning to think about that (realizing that it'll have to be made)... mostly, I'm figuring out logistics for the watching/recording/re-watching of Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert! I cannot WAIT!

Reading... (pages) Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Listening... to Sing, Unburied, Sing.

Sewing... not quite #dailystitching, but stitching nonetheless! Crafting time is pretty limited on any given day, and tends to be knitting or sewing; rarely both, though it sometimes happens.

I can't even imagine how much little crafting time I'd have if I actually did housework...

Watching... Day 2 of the Best Picture Festival is on Saturday!! On deck:

I've already seen Billboards and loved it, especially Frances McDormand (always a fan) and Sam Rockwell, and it's the first time I actually liked Woody Harrelson in a movie. I'm looking forward to Darkest Hour and re-watching Dunkirk right after; historical context and all that. I've been iffy about The Shape of Water, but I've heard that it's pretty good.  :)

Admiring... Kate's brand new, just launched today, redesigned and gorgeous website!! She worked with Vickie Vainionpaa @ Brave New Creative in Montreal on everything from logo & rebranding to web design & development -- quite the process !

Wondering... what's up in your world this March 1st??



What a variety! I had fun following your links.

Kim Dean

My son saw "Three Billboards" a couple of weeks ago, and left it feeling very down. The performances were okay, he said, but it was just awfully dark.


I was iffy about Shape of Water, too. But LOVED it! I actually really liked Three Billboards, too -- and Darkest Hour. Dunkirk . . . just not my genre, y'know? So excited about the New Baby!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. And "got the winery job" sounds like great news -- just too bad it's so far from home. XOXO


Your world is always SO full of happenings! What a change you'll have in your world with the advent of a new baby! I love the longer days and I'm ready for winter to leave, although, its just arrived! How wonderful Maddy has a plan for her next adventure. The colors you're showing here look fantastic and I'm be interested to see the project come together. I liked The Shape of Water A LOT and so did Smith. Dunkirk I never want to see, although The Darkest Hour has arrived via Netflix. Three Billboards has me still on the fence, because I see it as a moral morass. I really like Get Out and I'm dying to see Lady Bird!


You have so many wonderful things going on, including Maddy's winery job in Oregon, Kate's brand new shiny website, and only 23 days to welcome your new grandchild! It gives me a warm glow to hear about such wonderful things for all of your kids, so I know you must really be reveling in it! I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide on for the Lunar Phase MKAL, and I'm also excited about JC Superstar (and humming Everything's Alright). I wish I could cut down on my housework to gain some more knitting/reading time, but it's already at the absolute rock bottom, bare minimum. Maybe if I quit wasting an hour every day making dinner ... :-) Happy March!


A new baby is so much fun! I was contemplating a CSA too.


I'm jealous of that new baby, Jack is SO not a little snuggly baby anymore! I hope you enjoy your movies and can't wait to hear what you think of Shape of Water. Cheers to spring!


Best sentence ever: I can't even imagine how little crafting time I'd have if I actually did housework...

This needs to be stitched into a sampler so it is properly immortalized for all time!

This weekend, I will get going (hopefully) on my swatching to see how my colors turn out! XO


Happy March indeed! I know this month is going to fly, too - y'all have so much good stuff going on (well, except for taxes!) ... which winery will Maddie be working at? I've visited/belonged to a few wineries near Portland - LOVE their pinots! and the lighter blue/gray in your swatch.

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