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The weekend began late Friday afternoon with an overdue & much-needed massage and ended on Sunday evening with a mopping of the bathroom floor after the toilet tank spontaneously cracked! Apparently, it happened just moments before we took a break from watching the conclusion of Borderliner, when Rusty went in and I heard him start to swear (very unusual behavior!). I couldn't believe how much water & how quick, but thankfully we were on it right away. A new tank was ordered this morning; we'll be flushing with a bucket for the next week!

This is when a second bath, even half-, would sure come in handy!

In between, I did a little work on taxes, cleaned up my work table a little, did some sewing, celebrated 13 years QUIT, had breakfast out with my girls yesterday, and enjoyed the sunshine & warmer weather. It's about 20 degrees cooler today than yesterday, but I spy another weekend warm up. Let's hope!

I've had a little elbow/forearm pain/strain, which seemed to worsen a bit after a couple of hours of nonstop knitting on Thursday evening, so I gave knitting another weekend off.


I sent Ali home yesterday with some leftover fabric from my bathroom curtains and next thing I know she's posting an adorable little pinafore. She even sent me a Snapchat with Ginny modeling... SO CUTE!!



SO dang adorable! :-)
Sorry about the toilet tank. I hope your special order arrives earlier than expected and you're . . . right back in business.


That is so cute! And, gah! Plumbing problems are just the worst! And, didn't you love Borderliner?


Yikes to the toilet episode. What a PITA. And what an adorable pinafore! So cute.


Sorry about the bathroom thing. We only have one, too, and sometimes that's a challenge for sure! That little pinafore is so stinking cute!


What goes around comes around! My sister and I had pinafores like that once upon a time, right down to the ruffle around the armhole. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


We just did some minor electrical work (replacing the bathroom light fixture) and there was some swearing from both of us, but I know a cracked toilet tank would have elicited much, much more. I may never have grandchildren, but if I do, I hope there is a girl so I can make her a leftover curtain fabric pinafore! That is absolutely wonderful!


Oh no!! How I hate the bathroom repairs because of ALL THAT WATER! Why are new toilets so expensive (and not as good)? That pinafore would be so cute on Ginny! She is the best, most cutest fashionista ever!


So cute! And she whipped that up in no time!


plumbing UGH, but pinafore ADORABLE!!

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