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I feel so fortunate that I am close and can be available... whether it's to pick something up at the drug store or to pop over and watch the kids for a few minutes. I'm so grateful that I've been able to cuddle my grandkids -- "old" and "new" -- almost every day since the newest arrived. (And also verklempt at being witness to that!)

This was on Tuesday after making a stop at Target for some things that her mama needed, and also stopping at City Hall to vote. She was more alert than I've ever seen her, and... OMG, such big eyes she has!!


Ali asked me to pop over last night, too, after Knit Night so she could go check something at the shop...


...the baby was catching up on sleep! I had the best opportunity, so far, for some selfies with the kids -- and my first with all three. They're not perfect photos, and yet they are.

I've actually not been knitting much because of lingering tendinitis (it finally feels like it's getting better), and instead worked on some sewing at Knit Night.


This is one of a pair of Alabama Chanin Fingerless Mitts with the Magdalena stencil design. Side one is stitched & cut, and I made good progress on stitching the second side.

At home, I've been working on a quilt project... not a portable project (but, believe me, I considered packing it up).


A new machine-made Alabama Chanin dress found its way to me, thanks to a recent sale of discontinued pieces. I've always loved the shape and had meant to check it out/try it on when I was there last fall... somehow, that item slipped off my list, but now it's mine after all. I love the handwritten tag, and any qualms I might have had about ordering this ready-made dress (when I've spent plenty of money on materials & learning how to make it myself) disappeared when I saw that it was "Made By VM." Seriously, what are the chances? It was surely destined to be mine.

And, anyway, I showed the dress to Kate and she loved it... but longer?? So, oh yeah... I'll be using this dress as a pattern to make another one or two.

You know, someday when I have some spare time nothing else to do. Haha. NEVER... that won't happen until I'm dead. Meanwhile, I go when & where spirit & inspiration lead... with a trail of needles, thread, yarn, UFOs, and some spills (water, dye, tea, gin) in my wake.

This is what we woke up to this morning:


And I sure hope we can be done soon. Hello, Moon!

Oh, I almost forgot... there's a pretty good sale at Craftsy happening now through Sunday:

Up To 60% Off Hundreds Of Classes at Craftsy.com 4/6-4/8/18. No coupon needed.

Happy Weekend!!



Oh those pictures!!! The neck rolls!!!! The sweetness. The AC mitts will be fabulous. Somehow "mitts" seems like a not glamorous enough word for them. And even though your Hello Moon picture has snow in it, it is a beautiful shot. Have a fabulous weekend!


Those photos of you with grandkids are the BEST! I also love your AC mitts; I can see swirling flames and maybe even a phoenix in that Magdalena stencil. Happy weekend, full of spirit and inspiration!


She is absolutely gorgeous, Vicki! I admit to being filled with envy at how close you are, but maybe someday it will be the same for me! I can only hope! XO


That's definitely one very sweet setup for you, Ali AND those three littles. I LOVE your selfies with all three ... most definitely perfect! Can't wait to see more sewing (and hope your tendonitis continues to heal). Happy Weekend!


Oh, those brand new baby snuggles are the best! Like you, I'm grateful that we live so close to our grandkids, too.

Robin F

Lucky grandma and grandkids- cuddles are remembered forever. Warms my heart to see all of you together. Are the fingerless mitts made with a stretchy fabric? Can't wait to see the dress. Have a love filled weekend. Seeing the snow made me shiver. it's in the 80's here.


I love your line "Meanwhile, I go when....." SO TRUE! The pictures of you avec kids are just charming! You are the best grandma ever!


Oh lucky grandma, you all look so cozy, sweet, and contented. I can't wait for my next grand-baby.
The AC fingerless mitts, I can't wait to see them.
Too bad about your tendonitis, been there/done that and as you already know - patience is the rule.
Spring is coming , really . . . (I keep saying it, why?) Even on days like this morning where the temp was 24 degrees, goodness gracious, in southern TN.


Those are just PERFECT photos, Vicki. I love seeing them SO MUCH. It is so wonderful that you're all so close and can enjoy this most precious time TOGETHER. XOXO
(And I know JUST the item you're talking about. Yeah. We did forget to see how that fit. . . So glad it's made it to your closet now.)


You must just be loving life so much! Here's hoping your tendinitis clears up soon but in the meantime those mitts are pretty sweet!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

So much great stuff in one post! I love the image of you with the three grands best tho. I know what you mean about someday when you have nothing else to.....hahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

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