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Head-to-Toe Red

I had a little outing with these two today:


Malina is wearing all the red handknits! From the top:

All have been worn by at least Junah & Ginny before her, and the booties by Addie, too!! Practically vintage...



Hi Vicki:

I just looked at your projects on Ravelry to see if you have ever knit the Baby Vertebrae. You are amazingly good at putting projects on Ravelry! I am lucky to remember to take a photo before the item leaves the house. Anyway, since it appears you haven't knitted a Vertebrae, you should take a look. I knitted a baby one, a little kid one and a grownup one over a two month period this year. They are super cute and I was a little tired of knitting the same thing three times in a row!



Oh, my goodness! The little red sweetheart! It's so nice that the handknits are getting so much good wear. XOXO


That sweet little lady in red is absolutely adorable!


I love that these handknits are being worn by your third grandchild - it's just wonderful! I'm betting she will get her own knits, too!


Hand-knit-me-downs are simply the best! XO


I love Kat's "hand-knit-me-downs" ... Malina is one lucky girl to have such a fine wardrobe! She looks great in red ... and Ali's looking surprisingly well-rested :-)

Robin F

Love the little lady in red! Ali looks like she needs a break. Enjoy


You have made so many darling baby clothes and have created a wonderful legacy that will be worn by many more generations. Malina looks as cute as a bug!!


What a great picture - I'm loving all the hand knits. Ali looks great!!

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