Eye Candy Friday


Did you have a good weekend/holiday? We did!

I had a long one, with Friday off... when I started our taxes. And also went out to lunch and ran some other errands and took a nap.


I laughed 'til I cried over a Snapchat thread with Kate & Maddy... and, you know, laughter is good no matter what!

Ali & Rod & the kids and Kate came over yesterday for Easter brunch and did we ever have a nice day. Our menu was pretty subdued -- even more when I made the decision to skip the potatoes! Trust me, we had plenty. It was fresh & light... spiral-cut honey ham, Oma's Green Mountain Salad, my mom's Heavenly Hash (fruit salad), Grapefruit Spritz, and Banana Cream Pie!

The linked recipes are from Food & Wine magazine and they were hits!! I made a few changes to the salad -- I used no ramps or scallions or garlic; I didn't have "Little Gem" lettuce or "baby" turnips or "French Breakfast" radishes, so I just used (good) lettuce, turnips & radishes!! Haha. I also didn't have fresh dill, so used dried. Whatever. It met with raves and maybe I can make salads after all!? Ann is known as the Salad Queen (also of Brunch)... perhaps I'm the Princess.

Kate made the fruit salad, Rusty made the pie, and it was all just perfect. The kids even sat with us (not always easy) and they gobbled up that ham!

We had a group video chat with Maddy -- her first meeting with Malina! It was very early on Monday morning in NZ and Maddy was just waking up for work, so we didn't keep her long (she hadn't even had coffee yet!)... but it sure was fun!

Rusty took the big kids for a walk down by the creek again, and I attempted to take some photos of our one-week-old!


Get ready for some overload! (I've tried to post some different photos here than I did on IG.)



It took a few tries before she finally fell asleep deep enough that I could wiggle her around a bit. And then I left here there sleeping on our bed, snuggled up on the lamby and under Parcheesi... and without a diaper... and that's how we ended up with freshly laundered bedding last night! She was so peaceful...

I really wanted a few snaps of all three kids together before they left and was delighted that everyone was fairly cute and cooperative.  ;)


Wiping off kisses ^^^. Haha!


The little sleeper that Malina is wearing was one of mine -- possibly worn by her eldest aunt and her mother, certainly by her youngest aunt! She's also snuggled into a little cocoon I knit maybe 10 years ago, and Parcheesi of course!

Gin is wearing a dress I made in about 1983! The pattern was from Woman's World magazine (I still have it) and I had no one in mind when I cast on -- with cheap acrylic yarn from the variety store -- but I was bored out of my gourd in Oregon and this looked like an interesting project. Was it ever! Bobbles, lace, pleats, tucks... I was not a very experienced knitter, but I just followed the instructions and learned a bunch!

You also get a peek at the quilting project I've been working on for Malina -- more on that when it's finished!



Oh, Vicki! What gorgeous photos -- of all three of those little sweethearts. But, oh man. Malina's little back!!! I am swooning here. Thanks so much for sharing. XOXO


Oh Vicki - how beautiful! Little Malina (on your now-freshly laundered linens) looks so peaceful. Scrolling through those photos I was reminded "that's what the big camera is for" ;-) and I love that her siblings cooperated - just a bit - for photos of the three of them. I know y'all will treasure them as much as you treasure the ones of your girls. ALSO - gah! I think I missed the Instagram stories with bunny ears. darn it!! (also, added creme de framboise to my next Total Wine order - that spritz looks delicious!)


Oh, Vicki!! I have tears in my eyes... what fantastic photos, and what amazing kids! They are all so wonderful! Thank you for sharing this little slice of your day with us! XOXO


SO much joy in this group of photos. That baby is so beautiful and the pictures of all three kids just fills my heart with happiness. I look forward to hearing more about the kids and the quilt and Malina!


The photos are fabulous! Sounds like a wonderful day and little Malina snuggled under parcheesi is gorgeous!

Robin F

Gorgeous grands- sweet too. Love all the handmade items too. How special for all of you to share this wonderful time. The ability of technology to allow you all to share with Maddy is heartwarming. This was a great start to my day. Thanks for sharing.


Even given the distractions on top of the quilt I really love the color sense the you have put to use in it.
Your photos are so special and beautiful at this tender age. The age when the siblings still love to be next to their new sister. I am fully aware of how quickly that can change, always likened it to those little toy black and white magnetic dogs.
Loving the warmth that is radiating from you and them.


What a wonderful weekend you had! and, even with three young ones, it sounds relaxing with everyone helping with food, etc. Those 3 grandchildren are just CHARMERS!!! Sweet, cute, cuddly. Jun and Gin seem to be so sweet with Malina. Love that there are so many hand-mades in these pictures.


Wonderful photos of what sounds like a lovely Easter! Your grandchildren are precious! Mine are, too, but they live 400 miles away from me, so we don't get to "hang out" all that often!


These pix are adorable! Congrats on the new babe and keep 'rm coming!


Such beautiful photos. You are one talented woman. All of the beautiful handmade items and such beautiful children! So much loveliness all in one place. You certainly had a full and terrific Easter. By the way, you make a cute critter with your pink ears and pink star earrings. 🐹


What a wonderful day. And like Linda said... the handmade items passed down, the beautiful Parcheesi, and Jun and Gin and Malina for the win!

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