Alabama Chanin "La Sagrada Familia" Swing Skirt

And just like that...

Two months old!! Prepare for photo overload!


I had a little one-to-one time with Malina last night for the very first time! The girls went out for dinner & drinks to celebrate their (last month's) birthdays together before they soon begin to scatter.


In her mama's arms, cooing at Aunt Kate!


This part doesn't look so gingery. Still, adorbs.


Sleepy snugs!

I am looking forward to another 3-day weekend! At the very least, I'd like to finish the "La Sagrada Familia" Alabama Chanin Swing Skirt over the next few days and, hopefully, do a little (early morning) gardening. It's gonna be HOT HOT HOT -- 90F or more all three days! I'm looking forward to the shortest of work weeks next week -- only Tuesday & Wednesday -- as I'm winging to NYC on Thursday. I'm excited about spending a day or so on my own in Brooklyn and another in Jersey. It'll be a quick but super-fun trip!



Awww...she is soooo adorable! Have a great weekend!


She is so sweet! I hope you get that skirt done, it would be the perfect NYC thing!


What a sweetheart! those smiles, those rolls :-) It's beautiful to see her snuggled in someone's arms, but your quilt makes a pretty good background, too! Have a wonderful long weekend!


Malina gets even more adorable as she grows, and I also like seeing Ali's adoring mother smiles. Have a wonderful weekend, short week, and return to NYC!


Oh my, Malina is growing before our very eyes. Adorable, sweet, . . . aren’t babies just the epitome of love? I can’t wait for my own to hug and watch.
Gardening is on top of my list too, I am so slow this spring, heck - it is summer already.
Happy tripping in NYC, big city fun.


There is so much sweetness in that face. How wonderful you can be her caretaker and get many snuggles and juicy kisses. Have a great time in NYC and give Cara and girls a hug from me! xo


She's adorable and those nom-able cheeks! Have a wonderful time in NYC and NJ!


She's beautiful and clearly thriving. I think her eyebrows look very ginger-y!


Beautiful! Great pictures. Hot here too. Enjoy your quick trip!

Robin F

Sugar overload from viewing pix of a sweetie. She looks gingery! And that smile lights up the world. While in Brooklyn check out the museum of food and drink. They always have interesting exhibits that involve eating. Have fun in NYC.


I love all the gingers! My niece married a ginger this year (very strong line in his family and somewhat in ours...) I'm waiting to see what the new November baby brings! Hello Malina!!!


Houston, we have smiles!

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